Editorial Opinion
February 17, 2017

Trump should find high office or reinstate patriot Flynn at NSA

by Bob Hoig, Publisher
Midlands Business Journal

Supporters of fired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn as National Security Advisor are still scratching their heads.

Based on non-existent evidence offered so far, this writer certainly is.

The man who fired him, President Donald Trump, apparently feels the same.

Fielding a reporter’s question at a joint press conference Wednesday with Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump repeatedly said Flynn has been treated “very, very unfairly” by the media.

Trump said false comments from Democrats, angry at Hillary Clinton’s loss figured in the complaints.

From intelligence branches, still brimming with career holdovers from the Clinton and Obama administration, the leaks are springing.

It’s a criminal action to leak secret information, Trump reminded his audience.

“It has been going on for a long time before me,” Trump said.

Democrat shills and reporters have persisted with the theme that the president was trying to change the subject from alleged Flynn wrong doing to charges that Flynn has misled Vice President Mike Pence about compromising conversations with Russian leaders.

How, we wondered could an incoming National Security Advisor appointee gather too much inside intelligence on a major adversary? That applies doubly to learning too much about Russia, America’s chief nuclear rival?

Trump’s Wednesday morning Twitter posts and earlier comments did not mention who or how to remedy an injustice to Flynn. The “Who” would be easy — the president himself. “How” could be trickier in that three important figures, including Gen. David Petraeus, are well along in the vetting process.

But what injustice? Longtime Trump critic of the New York Times rushed in with answers — actually theories.

Liberal columnist Thomas L. Friedman said in a Feb. 14 column that Flynn’s behavior with Russia was “deeply malignant.”

It would, he said, explain Trump’s bluster at rivals like China and threatening enemies like Iran and North Korea. All while “blowing kisses” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Imagine what a terrible dereliction it must seem to liberal loyalists like Friedman, coming from patriot enemies like Trump and Flynn.

After all, his iconic liberal ex-President Obama had spent so much of his eight years in office helping Iran and North Korea to enhance their nuclear menace.

This writer’s suggestions for closing leaks: Shorten the time from election to inauguration to zero days.

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