Editorial Opinion
January 13, 2017

Barack Obama’s fogged recollection of his eight-year presidency

by Bob Hoig, Publisher
Midlands Business Journal

Outgoing President Barack Obama journeyed down memory lane Tuesday evening with a farewell recital to 18,000 cheering fans in Chicago.

Coming out of all the words, words, words seemed to this critic as a fogged recollection of eight lost years as a president.

Obama violated the hallowed physicians’ creed, “First, do no harm.”

There is plenty of that, although typical of Obama’s often fact-free oratory, the delivery reduced some to tears. Nothing however compared with what will flow from betrayals of some of our closest allies:

Israeli was sold out in the last days of Obama over a failed traditional UN veto that gives to Arabs some of Judaism’s most hallowed sites.

The hopes of the Cuban people were cut adrift by Obama’s double dealing allowing trade and other hard currency while doing nothing to restrict the Castro brutality.

A fragile Middle East peace was undercut by giving Iran a path to nuclear weapons and billions for terrorism.

The work of every president since Harry S. Truman at the end of World War II has been undone with North Korea’s perfecting a nuclear program designed to reach American cities.

Citizens should be shocked to learn that words implying “never better” in any way apply to America rolling into 2017.

Obama applied them to race relations going back 30 years. What then of more murders in his hometown of Chicago in 2016 than in New York and Los Angeles combined?

Or the street violence fanned by the Black Lives Matter group against the police who protect black people especially. Black on black crime predominates in larger inner cities.

Instead of muting the outrage, BLM leaders are cloaked in Obama’s prestige through repeated White House invitations. Nothing of that from the departing president.

In the early going, Obama promoted himself with of being a “post racial” leader. But that was forgotten in his Tuesday night recap. It seems that the racial component was merely a well-wishers hope.

The Wall Street Journal headlined the talk as an appeal for unity. Fox News said he defended his legacy and warned of a divided nation. The Omaha World-Herald declared on Page 1 about Obama, “He started and is ending with hope.”

With his legacy, the presidency of Donald Trump, is now our hope.

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