Editorial Opinion
February 10, 2017

Time for Democrats to understand what it means to be at war

by Bob Hoig, Publisher
Midlands Business Journal

“Politics ends at the water’s edge.”

That refreshing phrase—many now would call it “quaint”—is attributed to the late Arthur Vandenberg, an influential U.S. senator from Michigan during and after World War II.

It referred to the need for national unity in the face of national danger.

In Vandenberg’s time, it was the threats from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Today’s threats are from radical Islam, expansionist regimes like communist China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia, North Korea, Iran, and others.

Senator Vandenberg died in 1951. His legacy is best remembered for working with Democrat President Truman to enact the Marshall Plan.

But where is today’s Arthur Vandenberg? On the Democrat side they have mostly morphed into Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren, into campus protesters, and the violent street rioters, who in better days would have been jailed.

Instead of a nation standing firm, we have disintegrated into factions incapable of resolve for the common good.

Are we at war? Can modern age terrorists commandeer flights and fly passenger jets into buildings with impunity? Can thugs close streets and buildings and shut down cities?

How soon many of us forget. It was only the 1930s for Nazis and Sept. 11, 2001 for our modern terror.

Would a country, which really believes it is at war have left the front door open while it deep thinks in the court system about a presidential act by Donald Trump for national security?

The answer is that such courts, even if they were acting properly, which the current Ninth Circuit isn't, should have frozen Trump’s temporary ban of entrants into America from seven Middle Eastern nations until the case goes forward to a final resolution.

Even that process in this instance cannot apply, because our founders so clearly saw the insecurity of divided authority. That is why the Constitution is unambiguous. The elected president commands.

The danger of not freezing the entrance of people to whom the president’s ban applies is obvious. It was apparent from the start and the scramble to get into America was on.

All who wanted into the American homeland—upstanding citizens and bad actors—scrambled for cars, buses, trains, planes and ships.

No leader wants to gamble more San Bernadinos, Orlandos, or Sept. 11ths on it.

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