Editorial Opinion
March 3, 2017

Trump knocks it out of the park while Democrats suck lemons

by Bob Hoig, Publisher
Midlands Business Journal

No president since Franklin D. Roosevelt had more material to work with than Donald Trump in addressing both houses of congress.

There has never been anything like FDR’s “Day of Infamy” radio speech denouncing Imperial Japan’s Dec. 7, 1941, sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Possibly there never will be.

Both presidents called the nation to action, one replying to foreign aggression, the other to decay of Obamaism.

Only weeks into his presidency, Trump’s speech dismantled the legacy of his predecessor as surely as Roosevelt did of Japan’s emperor.

Possibly “Obama legacy” will appear less often.

Describing Trump’s words, Michael Goodwin of the New York Post wrote that they constituted a vision “so optimistic and encompassing that even steaming Democrats had to join boisterous Republicans in the applause at times.

These times were few as noted in MBJ’s headline. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and their followers resembled brooding losers sucking on lemons as the president delivered long awaited optimism on the future of the country.

Trump offered a hand of friendship and reconciliation to the disgruntled Democrats. Mostly, the hand was rebuffed by silence.

This writer contrasted what Trump offered in plain optimistic words with the contrite approach to Obama’s 2009 entry into the presidency, begging pardon for America from every tin pot ruler and foreign prince alike.

Those dark moments of Obama bowing, scrapping and apologizing in foreign lands for the great nation he had only newly been chosen to lead made Trump’s vision like a great coming into sunshine.

Trump wants all Americans to succeed. But that can only happen within a setting of the rule of law. The chaos at the border makes that impossible, he said. So many who want to come in are from countries where proper vetting cannot occur.

Reforming our system of legal immigration will help business and the economy grow, he said.

Among the anti-trump forces were some women clad in white. Like the much larger women’s march in Washington, D.C. several weeks ago, these women seemed to want to make a point. But what point?

Trump asked Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare.

He closed by asking everyone watching to seize the moment. “Believe in yourselves.

“Believe in your future. And believe, once more, in America.”

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