Editorial Opinion
March 17, 2017

Sweden pays the price for welcoming non-assimilating immigrants

by Bob Hoig, Publisher
Midlands Business Journal

European nations full of heretofore high-minded citizens are getting to know the perils of welcoming onrushing waves of non-assimilating immigrants.

The latest complaints come from Sweden, where substantial numbers of citizens are learning basic immigration firsthand.

France, German and the Netherlands have been on that path before Sweden. The first three and others for years have stood by while unruly foreigners created "no-go zones" where the police presence is resisted or outlawed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was so overwhelmed by refugees that she rescinded some of her directive to allow 1 million refugees into already flooded cities such as Berlin and Munich. The United Kingdom left the European Union, partly due to immigration.

The root of most immigrant woes in the Western world is traceable to job opportunities. There are job opportunities, which isn't the problem.

What's missing are the skills to fills the jobs. That and the unwillingness by the newcomers to adapt to new surroundings.

According to Wall Street Journal letter writer Peter Lawrence of Hollywood, California, the idea that Swedish immigration policy is fiscally sound is "laughable." The 2016 number amounts to a new normal, but the high total of unskilled applicants will make it hard to find a good job.

Among the tolerant Swedes, Jews have become a hounded minority. Larry Stern of Bethesda, Maryland, wrote the Wall Street Journal that a decade of anti-Semitic harassment has caused many Jews to leave Malmo, the nation's third-largest city.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center said in a 2010 advisory they recorded a decade in which attacks grew.

A Google search of anti-Semitic attacks in Malmo supports the mayor's 2012 Nazi-inspired claim that Jews cause anti-Semitism, Stern said. He urged Swedes to remember that when the canary in the mine dies, the problem no longer belongs with the canary.

Sweden's Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson drew criticism in some quarters for believing his nation's Muslim population is only 1.5 percent.

Other authoritative source places it at 4.6 percent, whereas a perception by Swedes puts it at 17 percent.

Peter Lawrence opined that Sweden’s "iron triangle of politicians, police leadership and elite media would welcome openness of inquiry, if they really believed the figures they were giving out.”

He said they continue, however, to bury zones where police are unwelcome and hide a growing gang-rape number in the 20-35 age range.

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