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Vol. 20 No. 10

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Tabitha adds Bettendorf to staff

Harry A. Koch appoints Olafson

Five Nines adds Olson as director, promotes Iliff to primary engineer

Peace Studio Architects selects Sanio, Renard to join Lincoln firm

U.S. Cellular appoints Plym as business area sales manager

Lutz hires Wolf in Talent Services

Union Bank & Trust adds Killgore, promotes Sears and Sonderegger

Control Management adds Martin

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• Choose a Mortgage Provider

Datapeak sees growth with synergy between direct mail and social media
by David Kubicek

Owning a direct mailing company during the recession was a scary experience, according to Jason Schwinck, president of Datapeak at 140 N. 1st Street in Lincoln. Social media and email marketing seemed to be taking over most of the firm’s business, and for several years, sales had declined. But over the past few years, business has rebounded, thanks in part to the web-based methods that had seemed to be nibbling away at the firm’s profits.

Building owners work toward goal of net zero energy by 2030
by David Kubicek

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Nebraska is ranked the seventh largest consumer of energy per capita. Over the past decade, the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE) has been increasing the energy efficiency standards of building insulation, fenestration, and heating and cooling equipment operation. ASHRAE’s goal, by 2030, is to have every building reach “net zero,” an annual net energy yield of zero at the end of the operating year.

Flexibility in compliance, education drive Nebraska Trucking Association
by Richard D. Brown

The Nebraska trucking industry employs one out of every 12 workers in the state, accounts for more than 62,000 jobs and wages in the state that exceed $2.7 billion annually. Larry A. Johnson, president of the Nebraska Trucking Association that has about 800 transportation firms as members said confidence is on the upswing as the Trump administration is encouraging more exibility in regulatory compliance.

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