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Altus Architectural Studios sees uptick due to pandemic medical needs
by Richard D. Brown
Altus Architectural Studios, an Omaha-based planning firm specializing in health care sector needs, is seeing an uptick in opportunities throughout a wider geographic area as clients are seeking help on an expedited schedule to address facilities for the testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients. Even long-term strategic planning projects involving multi-million dollar facilities are being designed by applying future pandemic best-practices modeling.
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Grow Nebraska yielding positive results for state’s entrepreneurs
by Becky McCarville
After a move from its former facility in Holbrook, Nebraska in 2018 to its current headquarters at the Younes Campus in Kearney, the Grow Nebraska Foundation has ramped up its outreach beyond southwest Nebraska to cover the entire state. Grow Nebraska helps small businesses leverage digital marketing by offering training and ecommerce solutions via its four online stores and its brick and mortar space in Kearney. In addition, the foundation partners with outside organizations to offer training on topics like accounting or food safety laws, for example.

Reinforce advisory team to navigatePPP forgiveness, unchartered waters
by Michelle Leach
A business is often only as good as the banking, financial planning and accounting partners that enable owners to focus on business operations. In today’s environment, those trusted advisers are also helping employers navigate the likes of Paycheck Protection Program waters.
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Building momentum to expand client base, Little Guy Design opens California location
by Gabby Christensen
Over the course of the past decade, Omaha-based Little Guy Design has grown from a project-based freelance model to a one-stop digital marketing agency. Co-owned and founded by Paul Eide and Matt Stewart, the business has expanded to include an office in California and has accumulated clients across the nation.

Matthews Tullius leverages experience to develop leaders
by Dwain Hebda
A desire to develop leaders and create corporate environments where leadership can thrive is Laurie Matthews Tullius’ daily mission. She said her work is not only personally fulfilling, but also helps make individuals and organizations better.

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