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Reprints are done on a prepaid basis. Reprints are not copies of the paper but rather individual articles reproduced for purchase. Once the reprint is paid for it will be sent digitally to the client on the following Thursday or Friday after payment is received.

Standard Reprint (1 photo)* - $75 plus tax
Standard reprints, which contain the story and one photo, are for printed reproduction only (newsletters, brochures, framing, etc). They do not allow for any electronic distribution (no Web sites, e-mails, online newsletters, etc.) 

Expanded Reprint (2 - 5 photos)* - $100 plus tax

Website Placement Reprint** - $150 plus tax
This is the standard reprint PLUS our permission to post the article on one website only. An additional Web reprint is required for each site. MBJ is not able to provide technical assistance in order to put the file on your website.

For information on reprints call Julie Whitehead at (402) 330-1760.
You can also request information via e-mail at julie@mbj.com.

Here is a great example of what your reprint will look like.

* This permission is for photo and article reproduction only. Under these circumstances, no permission is granted to transmit our stories by e-mail or post to a Website.

** This permission is for photo and article reproduction or placement on your Website.