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Upcoming MBJ

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Issue Date: January 22
Ad Deadline: January 14

MBJ Upcoming Section 1

Topics may include:

Latest in technology advances • Telehealth boom - will it stick? • Dealing with health disparities • Treatment advances for cancer • How COVID-19 will change health care industry forever

MBJ Upcoming Section 1

Topics may include:

Omaha Real Estate market • Residential real estate • Commercial real estate • Diversity efforts in buying/selling homes as well as becoming an agent

Issue Date: January 29
Ad Deadline: January 21

MBJ Upcoming Section 1

Topics may include:

Business Planning overview • Crafting a plan/goals for 2021 • How businesses should prep for operating beyond the pandemic • Developing a marketing plan • Financial strategy • Understanding your market

MBJ Upcoming Section 1

Topics may include:

The Greater Omaha economy • A/E/C Banking/Finance • Education • Technology • Business service providers

Issue Date: February 5
Ad Deadline: January 28

MBJ Upcoming Section 3

Topics may include:

Industry overview • Property/Casualty insurance update • Home and Auto insurance trends • Growing popularity of pet insurance • Health insurance coverage for small businesses