Expanding Virtual Workforce: Inc. 5000 Recipient Anequim Helps Small Businesses Grow

At Anequim, a remote professional services provider employing virtual assistants who live and work in Mexico, the mission is two-pronged: solve legitimate business problems for business owners, while also supporting the creation of a middle class in an emerging market. 

From firsthand experience, founders Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen understood the various problems that plagued small business owners in the property management industry. When the financial crisis hit in 2008 and unemployment was at an all-time high, the couple, who owned Wistar Group at the time, hired their first remote employee — a friend and past colleague from Mexico. It didn’t take long for the Aspens to further expand their virtual workforce.

Soon, friends and colleagues in the industry began reaching out to the Aspens about hiring through their network. This ultimately led to the creation of Anequim. 

Today, the business employs over 800 highly-skilled, bilingual virtual assistants who can support various business needs, including administrative, accounting and marketing tasks.

“We are a business that was founded on friendship and treating people well,” Gwenn Aspen said. “We’ve really pushed the envelope on what kind of work can be done remotely and done at such a high level. We’re interested in solving sophisticated, complicated business problems and helping businesses all over the country create their international department. It brings us tremendous joy to help other businesses reach their full potential.”

The company was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list, ranking No. 612. Its ranking comes as it has reached a three-year revenue growth of 1,034%. 

Gwenn Aspen began her EO Nebraska journey years ago in a spousal forum and has since joined as a member. For her, the experience has helped her gain support in both her personal and professional life. 

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“EO is really about making your entire life better, not just your business,” Gwenn Aspen said. “I’ve learned so much from being part of EO and it has allowed me to show up better for my employees.”

Making businesses stronger is what motivates Gwenn Aspen each and every day. 

“The reason I love my job so much is because I love supporting business owners in whatever their vision is for their business.”

Address: 950 S. 10th Street, Suite 011, Omaha, NE 68108
Phone: 402-512-6410
Website: https://anequim.net
Social Media: Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter


CryptoMaha: Blockchain for dummies Entrepreneurs

EO Nebraska is getting a crash course on cryptocurrency and Blockchain from 4 experts in the space.  

Key takeaways include:

1. Demystify the crypto space and blockchain technology including Bitcoin, NFT’s, DeFi, Web 3.0.

2. Learn about real world practical use cases in the current market as well as what’s coming.

3. Identify how to best position your business and be prepared for this rapidly expanding space.

4. Understand where the regulatory and legal environments stand in Nebraska at the current moment.

Join us on November 10th from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM at the Thompson Alumni Center.

Open to EO Nebraska members +1 Guest, Key Executives and SAPs. 

Are you an entrepreneur and want to participate in exciting learning events like CryptoMaha, reach out to EO Nebraska’s membership chair Julie Hockney, julie@jhdesignomaha.com to learn about becoming a EO Nebraska member.

Email: PO BOX 540815 Omaha NE 68154
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