Get a reprint of any article from Midlands Business Journal. Reprints are not copies from one of our issues, but are individual articles custom laid out specifically for you.

  • Standard Reprint – Includes the story and one photo delivered in PDF format for printed reproduction only. Does not allow for electronic distribution of any kind (web, email, social, etc.)
  • Expanded Reprint – Same as the Standard Reprint, but allows for 2-5 photos.
  • Standard + Digital Reprint – Same as the Standard Reprint, but ALSO includes permission to post the article on your digital channels (web, email, social, etc.). NOTE: We are not able to provide technical assistance in posting to your digital channels.

If you have any questions about MBJ reprints, please contact Julie Whitehead at (402) 330-1760 or

Please submit the form below. Once we receive your submission, we will produce the reprint and send it to you digitally the following Thursday or Friday.

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