2023: Choice Wins

Dear Readers,

Welcome 2023 … almost. We are honored to have Veta Jeffery on the cover of our December 30th issue … the last issue of 2022. There have been so many great things happening in our community over the past 12 months. I hope you enjoy this “2022 Year in Review” issue. 

As an entrepreneur, publisher and CEO I love the New Year. New beginnings, new adventures, new possibilities, new choices. A blank canvas to perhaps choose something different and create another masterpiece along our journey with our businesses.

As I look back over the past 30-years-plus of being in the publishing/media business, where I am today is—of course—due to the CHOICES I have made along the way. Some of the them created more ease and joy in my life and business and some of them certainly did not. 

We are all a work-in-progress and are constantly evolving. There are hundreds, thousands, even millions of choices we can make over any given period of time. 

We all are constantly making CHOICES. Every moment, in every day, there are new choices to make: what we wear, what we eat, what we do, who we do it with, where and how we work, how we nurture our bodies…and how we don’t. With each of these we’re choosing a new form of happiness and joy or some form of sadness and struggle. 

What I love about CHOICE is that you always have a CHOICE. If we choose something and it doesn’t work out or we change our mind, we can choose again. When I hear myself saying … “I have no choice” … that is a CHOICE.

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So ask yourself, “If I choose this (____________) what will my life be like in a year, five years, ten years? (Or simply look ahead to what your next CHOICE may bring in the next five minutes or hours!) Will this choice create more in my life or less?” Only you can answer that question. In my case, life continues to unfold as I continuously and diligently ask myself such questions.

What are we choosing in 2023? And remember, if it isn’t working out or feeling light … we can choose again!
The CHOICE is always ours to make!

What else is possible?

Andrea “ANDEE” Hoig