2023 Spark Award Winners

The BBB Spark Awards honor entrepreneurs, startup founders and new business owners that are exemplary in three areas: character, culture and community. Three metro business leaders received the honor.

We asked them: How does ethics drive your decision-making as a leader?

Nina Burkey
Managing Director,
Graceful In-Home Healthcare

We work with a really vulnerable population and just knowing that we are moving in the right direction and receiving this validation from such an accredited organization was huge for us to know we are doing the right thing for the people we work for and with.




Matthew Gottsch
Gottsch’s Goo

Even with our culture statement, everything is based off of trust, ethics and integrity. Any guest that comes in we treat like a brand-new guest. Even if they’ve been here before, we give them top-shelf treatment. Every car is protected and they get a good solid service from us.


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Rebecca Deterding
YMCA of Greater Omaha

“I want to be a leader that leads by example, so in my choices I try and reflect integrity and ethics in all of my decisions and call out maybe when I’m not and make sure my team feels comfortable doing the same thing and that I’m modeling that in everything that I do.”