5 Reasons Advisors Should Partner with a Community Foundation

By Catherine French McGill,
JD, CAP®, AEP® Gift Acceptance Manager
Omaha Community Foundation

The Omaha Community Foundation (OCF) was established in 1982, functioning primarily as a charitable bank for Omaha and Southwest Iowa philanthropists. Since then, our community knowledge has grown, programming has expanded, partnerships have been formed, and OCF has become a regional thought leader in philanthropy.

So, how could partnering with OCF benefit you and your clients? 

1. We are knowledgeable 

We partner with advisors on estate planning using established philanthropic strategies to address needs in the Omaha Metro and beyond. Advisors have a unique opportunity to introduce clients to philanthropic giving or further develop existing giving strategies. OCF can connect your clients with nonprofits making a difference in Omaha and Southwest Iowa, and beyond.

2. We make giving efficient 

We get to know your clients and help determine the best tools to reach your clients’ goals locally and nationally. We work with you and your client to streamline the giving process while providing personal service adaptive to your clients’ needs. 

3. We help donors manage their philanthropic legacy 

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Your clients can give beyond their lifetime, and we can support your planning conversations to deepen your relationships now and into the next generations. From creating philanthropic components like a Donor Advised Fund through a will or trust, or using beneficiary designations, we partner with you to help your clients define and implement their philanthropic goals. 

4. We accept a wide range of assets 

In addition to accepting gifts of cash and stock, we accept a range of non-cash assets such as real estate, closely held business interests, and life insurance. 

5. We serve our community 

Through relationships with nonprofits, extensive research, and outreach, we have developed a deep knowledge and are broadly impacting our area’s nonprofit organizations. Through our partnerships with advisors, donors have positively impacted thousands of organizations in our community.

If you have any questions about charitable legacy planning or how the Omaha Community Foundation can bolster your philanthropic knowledge, reach out to me at 402-884-1757 or catherine@omahafoundation.org.

Disclaimer: This article provides an overview of the possible tax advantages of donating various types of assets and is not intended to provide tax or legal guidance. The Omaha Community Foundation recommends discussing these strategies with an accountant, financial advisor, or attorney.