A Career by Design: Fraynd Strategically Grows Sun Valley Landscaping

Paul Fraynd knew early on that he wanted to build a career on his own terms. A typical story of any college student, to make money he bought a lawn mower for $50 and put out flyers on the Creighton University campus. A big differentiator for Fraynd was his drive to build a career out of his side gig. Omaha Friendly Services was officially started in 2003.

When an opportunity to merge arose in 2012, Fraynd joined Sun Valley Landscaping alongside Hugh Morton. Now CEO and partner of the full-service landscaping business, he hasn’t looked back.

“Since the two of us got together, we’ve grown it about four and a half times larger from when we started,” Fraynd said, noting the company employs 70 at peak season.

Sun Valley Landscaping offers commercial and residential services, with a supply yard to support landscape design and installation. During the winter months, the company provides snow removal.

Fraynd said one aspect that attracted him to the industry is the opportunity to build a career.  As far as becoming an entrepreneur goes, he said he doesn’t “know any different,” and has been drawn to being involved in the community. 

“I just really like being outdoors,” Fraynd said. “I like the power of growing plants and landscaped gardens just make me happy. I just always gravitated towards it.”

Fraynd attributes his membership to EO Nebraska as a key tool to understanding how to grow his business. One of the biggest draws for him is the non-judgement zone the organization provides.

“If anybody is in trouble or just having a rough week or month, it’s kind of just in the culture that you can reach out even if you don’t know someone that well,” he said. “It’s refreshing because usually people want to give you advice or they know the answer to your problem.”

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Fraynd said the unique culture of entrepreneurs allows members to both share their stressors and celebrate their successes. Additionally, the educational events provided by EO allow for individual growth.

“When you have your own business, for the most part, the business is going to go as far as the leader and so the more opportunities to grow ourselves in terms of business, the better,” he said.

Address: 5601 Harrison St, Omaha, Nebraska 68157
Phone: (402) 932-5705
Website: sunvalleyomaha.com

EO Nebraska Events:  Amanda Knox

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