A Q&A with Business Ethics Alliance Contributors

We asked: What attracted you to work with the Business Ethics Alliance and what keeps you connected to working with the Alliance?

Shannon Underwood

operations manager,
Business Ethics Alliance

“I was interested in working for the Business Ethics Alliance because diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to me. When I learned there was an organization in Omaha that educates other organizations on the importance of DEI, I was immediately interested in becoming part of this team that genuinely cares about our community and those in it. We all have to come together to be truly diverse. 

The people of Omaha keep me working with the Business Ethics Alliance. I enjoy going into the office each and every day, knowing we are making a difference. I have met many wonderful people, from big organizations to small nonprofit organizations in the Greater Omaha area, who are very passionate about our community. The Business Ethics Alliance is, by far, the greatest employment decision I have ever made.”

Stuart Chittenden

founder, Squishtalks

“I first encountered the Business Ethics Alliance a decade ago through one of its signature events, the ‘Mind Candy’ series where, over breakfast or lunch, a variety of business people from across the community engaged in thorny yet relevant ethical quandaries. These raised the kinds of issues, challenges, and opportunities facing businesses and the communities in which they operate, but were often not centered in executive level and day-to-day conversations, instead being relegated to the fringes of business-related considerations. 

That vibrant blend of the theoretical and the highly practical was and remains appealing and relevant. As contemporary social changes have forced workplaces, industries, individuals, and communities to wrestle directly with issues about the ‘How?’ ‘Who?’ ‘What?’ and even ‘Why?’ of work, the range of discussions that the Business Ethics Alliance fosters have become only more critical to Omaha.”

Tracey Fricke

Occasion Designed

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“I have been a huge fan and supporter of the Business Ethics Alliance since its inception. Bev Kracher was one of my favorite professors in my Master of Business Administration program at Creighton. Bev opened my eyes to the world of discovering and discussing ethics in business and the importance of ethical decision-making in the business world. As the Alliance’s founding leader, her vibrant spirit motivated our community to be involved in this important movement.

Ethics are crucial for the success and sustainability of businesses, that is a fact, and the Business Ethics Alliance continues to remind us of that. Promoting ethical behavior and keeping the conversation open around ethical considerations is essential for maintaining trust with stakeholders and fostering a positive culture. It’s a reminder that ethical decision-making should always be at the forefront of our minds as we navigate the complex world of business. Happy 15th anniversary!”

Blake Peterson

wealth advisor,
Keystone Financial Services

“When you attend a BEA event, you truly never know who you are going to sit next to and learn from. They provide a space for open discussion about relevant ethical topics and whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the teller at a local bank, your opinions are welcomed and valued equally.

The fulfillment I get from these events is so immense that I felt compelled to share it beyond the event walls. I approached the BEA about starting a podcast to bottle up some of those valuable lessons from their programming and provide them to a global audience at their leisure. That is how ‘Business Ethics, Walk the Talk’ was created and now has thousands of downloads across 34 countries.

Whether you’re a founder, C-suite executive, manager, or boots-on-the-ground employee, ethical dilemmas will arise in your work. The Business Ethics Alliance offers an excellent platform to discuss these issues, ensuring you and your workforce are prepared when they do.”

Kristi Andersen

Kristi Andersen Communications

“Doing what’s right and treating people with respect was instilled in me from a young age by my parents and many teachers and mentors along the way. The Business Ethics Alliance is filled with like-minded people who live by those same principals. Working with individuals who truly want to see all people in our community thrive is inspiring and pushes me to be a better leader.”

CJ Braccia

Business Ethics Alliance

“The thing that first attracted me to the Business Ethics Alliance is their commitment to the local community. I felt that the Alliance really wanted to better the local community and help organizations of all sizes and purposes, which to me was admirable. In a similar vein, the community is what keeps me connected to the Alliance. The Alliance has formed a tight knit group all working towards the same goal, a more ethical Omaha.”