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Andrew C. Sigerson, JD, CAP

Andrew C. Sigerson, JD, CAP elected President of Omaha Estate Planning Council

Andrew Sigerson, Founding Partner of Legacy Design Strategies took the position of President with the Omaha Estate Planning Council on June 1, 2022. A lifelong resident of Omaha, Andrew has over 25 years of legal experience, focusing his practice on estate and business planning since 1999. He has lectured across the country on an array of estate planning and business law topics, in addition to co-authoring books on estate, business, and farm planning. Andrew is a former White House intern, a member of the Presenters Circle for the Omaha Performing Arts, a board member at Camp Rivercrest, an advisory board member for First Westroads Bank, and an Eagle Scout. Andrew and his wife Chrystal have four children.

Additional Board Members for the 2022-23 season include Jeremy Belsky (Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home), Ben Burton (Lutz), Eryka Morehead (Collaborative Planning Group), David Amen (First National Bank of Omaha), Tom Van Robays (First Trust Company), Keith Deras (FNIC Group), Susan Spahn (Fitzgerald, Schorr, Barmettler & Brennan), Linda Garbina (The Salvation Army) and Matt Stadler (RG & Associates).
OEPC is the preeminent local, professional estate planning organization which exists to foster the study, education, and discussion of estate planning amongst its members and to promote the effective cooperation amongst the top estate planning professionals in the wider Omaha estate planning community.

“I am proud to serve as President of OEPC,” says Sigerson, “and look forward to my term of providing leadership to this group of talented professionals.” One of the most important functions of the Council is to ensure all members are kept abreast of the most current planning opportunities in the Estate Planning field, so that our clients are fully aware of what is possible today. More than 160 of Omaha’s leading estate planning attorneys, accountants, wealth advisory and life insurance professionals, philanthropic advisors and trust officers are members of OEPC.


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