BBB Expands to KC Market

Over the past 20 years, the Better Business Bureau (BBB®) headquartered in Omaha has been one of the fastest-growing Bureaus in the international system. This month, it became the fourth largest bureau in North America when it added the Kansas City market to its service area.

“This is a historic moment for our organization and we are incredibly proud to meet it with the service-first mindset that we’ve relied upon for decades,” said BBB President & CEO Jim Hegarty. “We are certain this additional expansion into Kansas City will strengthen the connection businesses and consumers have with BBB. I’m incredibly proud of the aligned vison the boards of both organizations were able to unify on, and for their dedicated service in getting this consolidation approved and finalized.”

With this expansion, BBB Midwest Plains will provide services to nearly 12,000 Accredited Businesses and millions of consumers across a five-state territory. In tandem with this growth, the organization has adjusted its operations to maximize support and streamline opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. Hegarty, who formerly oversaw Better Business Bureau Serving Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas Plains & Southwest Iowa, continues as president & CEO of the combined operation. The new organization will have its headquarters in Omaha and a regional office in the Kansas City area, in addition to its current offices in Lincoln and Sioux Falls.

“Omaha has long been our regional Bureau’s home — and it will remain that way,” Hegarty said. “We are thrilled to bring enhanced services and programming to the Kansas City marketplace, which will have an immediate impact on both consumers and business owners.”

“It’s important to us to stay rooted in Omaha,” Hegarty said. “Much of our success can be attributed to the company we keep and the collaborative work we’ve been able to accomplish with incredibly strong partners. The Business Ethics Alliance is a shining example of that. I’ve had a front-row seat for the past 15 years to witness the amazing results that can occur when organizations like BBB, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and Creighton University take a unified approach to propelling marketplace trust in our region. The support these efforts have received from the business communities we serve are unrivaled compared to anywhere in the country that I’m aware of. It’s a great reminder that this is a pretty special place to call home.”