Built to Last: Kingery Construction Co. Leaves Impression with Quality Builds

Family and locally-owned for nearly a century, Kingery Construction Co. has always put customer satisfaction first, according to President Rod Berens, who said matching up the company’s skillset with projects helps to ensure this goal is always met.

Over time, the company has built many iconic buildings throughout Lincoln, including the Lied Center for Performing Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s George W. Beadle Center and the West Gate Bank Center. Additionally, Kingery recently completed several building projects over the course of an eight-year span at Northeast Community College in Norfolk.

“Most people only build one big building in their lifetime, and we build them every day,” Berens said. “We want our customers to have a quality build that they’ll be happy with.”

At the moment, challenges impacting the industry have required more management time, higher costs and longer project timelines. Berens said he looks forward to inflation returning to normal so the team can focus on building without added obstacles.

As an EO Nebraska member for three years, Berens said he has enjoyed connecting with like-minded businesspeople at events such as EO XCentric.

“The presentations are always outstanding, extremely organized and a lot of fun for members,” Berens said. “The speakers are very successful and very relatable, too. They offer takeaway information that we use in our business.”

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Hearing from others about their accomplishments, involvements, successes and struggles during monthly forum meetings has also been extremely insightful for Berens.

In the future, Berens and his wife plan to take advantage of additional trips and opportunities offered through EO.

“We look forward to exploring how other cultures and businesses work in other areas,” Berens said. “It’s exciting to hear about how others have gotten to where they are today.”

Address: 201 N. 46th Street, Lincoln, NE 68503
Phone: (402) 465-4400
Website: https://kccobuilders.com

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EO Nebraska: Dhiren Harchangiani

EO Nebraska is excited to have Dhiren Harchangiani come to Omaha in August to discuss “Mastering Your Inner Game.”  Do you ever ask yourself … Is this the best use of my time? Do you find yourself stretched too thin? Do you try and do it all? Are there times when you don’t feel alive and desirable? Do you feel like you’re constantly in motion, but you’re not getting anywhere? Some days it’s really tempting to throw in the towel and make an excuse. Every excuse is a scratch on the glass of how we see ourselves, and with enough scratches, we start losing sight of what’s important, we start losing sight of who we want to be.

Like many people, Dhiren realized he approached his life in a way that made the situation worse. That voice in our heads can create chaos up there, he calls them our crazy roommates. They are the best in the world in criticizing us and making excuses which hold us back from realizing our full potential. Dhiren will be sharing with the EO community his blueprint on how to evict those crazy roommates. https://www.dhirenharchandani.com/ 

Are you an entrepreneur with a thirst for learning and a desire to grow your business?  Would you find value in attending events like this? If so, please contact Gwen Aspen, EO membership chair, to learn more. gaspen@anequim.net

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