Business Ethics Alliance Expanding the Conversation Around Ethics

The Business Ethics Alliance has been leading conversations around ethics for 14 years. They have brought together people of influence within the business community in an effort to build leaders, and facilitate conversations aimed at keeping ethics front of mind. And while that same focus remains, there are changes happening inside of the Business Ethics Alliance. 

They have moved from being founder-led to hiring Michael Robinson as their first Executive Director, and welcomed Casey Putney as Vice President of Leadership Development.

Along the way, they are also expanding the conversation around ethics. 

Traditionally, the conversation around business ethics has focused on the varying philosophical approaches to the subject or the more technical aspects of compliance and legal adherence to regulations or public expectations. Attend a Business Ethics Alliance event today however, and you’ll participate in conversations related to organizational culture and interpersonal relationships. 

“Ethical leadership is the foundation of the organizational cultures we all work within,” Putney said. “As leaders it is imperative that we understand we’re all looking for the same things from our experience at work. We want to be valued, respected, appreciated, and heard.” 

He added, “We are on a mission to help leaders create cultures that people want to be a part of. In doing so, we believe that we’ll not only create efficiencies and improvements, but create spaces where people are inspired to reach their potential. We are on a mission, to help leaders create cultures that send people home happy, and healthy, more energized to reach their potential as mothers, fathers, husbands, wives or any other role they may fill at home.”

And it is not just large, for-profit companies that they’re focused on. In 2022, the Business Ethics Alliance dedicated attention to helping nonprofit organizations find solutions to the challenges facing day-to-day operations. Through a grant from the Weitz Family Foundation, the Alliance created The Non-Profit Ethics Exchange. Understanding that nonprofits are often outpriced for high quality leadership development solutions, the Alliance created a six (6) session program, inviting nonprofit leaders to the campus of Creighton University to tackle issues such as Ethical Governing Boards, Post-Pandemic Team Communication, Hiring with Diversity in Mind, and more. And it’s all offered free of charge to participants. 

“Communities succeed or fail in large part based on the work of the nonprofit organizations serving important missions related to our neighbors and neighborhoods,” Robinson said. “It’s a privilege, and our honor, to serve those that have for so long, served our communities.”

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The future is bright for the Business Ethics Alliance. Their desire to help leaders create cultures that everyone deserves, coupled with their dedication to serving the community is what makes the Omaha metro business community so unique.

“We live in a special place, at a unique time” Putney said. “We have an opportunity to create something truly special. We have an opportunity to impact the lives of others, while creating a blueprint of ethical success for other cities to follow.”


September 13: Leveraging Individual Female Talent (L.I.F.T.)
Supporting professional women interested in restarting their career. (In partnership with the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce)

September 22: Executive Ethics Exchange
Bringing together executive leaders for meaningful conversations.

October 07: Leveraging Individual Female Talent (L.I.F.T.)
Supporting professional women interested in restarting their career. (In partnership with the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce)

October 13: EthicSpace: Creating a Culture of Trust
The only Ethics focused conference in the Midwest. Keynote: Sherron Watkins, Former Enron Executive, and Whistleblower.

November 09: Winning Teams Leadership Development Workshop
Helping participants develop better teams.

November 10: Non-Profit Ethics Exchange: How do we make hybrid work?
Free leadership development for Non-profit leaders.

November (date TBA): Annual Trustee Meeting
Keynote: Joe Moglia


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