Career-changing ‘yes’: Christopher Phillips thrives at North End Teleservices

Christopher Phillips has learned throughout his life that the best way to open doors and create opportunities is by simply saying “yes.”

“One thing that my CEO taught me when I very first started was to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity,” he said. “And that has given me the opportunity to learn so many different professions inside of our organization because every time there was an opportunity to do something different, I jumped at that.”

This piece of advice impacted Phillips greatly and taking advantage of new opportunities landed him in his current role as chief operating officer of North End Teleservices.

Phillips attended Metropolitan Community College where he received an associate degree in liberal arts. While he doesn’t necessarily feel as though college prepared him for the subject matter of his current role, he believes it gave him the skills to be successful in the workplace.

“School for me is about learning prioritization, dedication, how to mix inside of your classes, interpersonal skills, things of that nature,” he said. “So that definitely has been a benefit in my current career. I studied people too. I took sociology classes, and that’s helpful, especially in the sales process.”

While earning his degree, Phillips also started working in food service in the health care industry at Hillcrest Health Services. He worked there for about a decade until he was offered a position at North End Teleservices.

“This opportunity popped up in 2015,” he said. “It was something completely different outside of my realm of comfortability. I took a chance at an opportunity that was presented to me, and one of the things I tell my team members now as I progress in my career is if somebody opens a door for you, it’s your job to run through that.”

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In his current role his focus is on the company’s internal and external strategy and execution of clients’ needs. Despite the fear of jumping into something new, Phillips is proud that his faith in both himself and the company helped him take the leap.

“I knew that at that point in my life, I wanted to do something more impactful,” he said. “And when I heard about North End Teleservices, I knew I wanted to be a part of changing the community and making an impact.

“Since joining the organization, I’ve been able to be impacted by that same thing, and then I’ve seen so many people come behind me with the same experience. Getting to see people purchase their first homes, their first cars, and have so many life-changing events has been an amazing experience.”

Innovation and Growth

North End Teleservices consults with many different companies and operates a variety of businesses within the organization. With each client being different, Phillips says that innovation is crucial.

“There is no box, we operate inside of a space that we create. We are innovative and creative, and don’t present the norm,” he said. “A lot of mistakes that new entry-level professionals make is thinking that you have to operate inside of the corporate structure that exists. I think being different is really important.”

Finding creative solutions to problems that clients are facing is a daily challenge for Phillips, but he believes that there is nothing that North End Teleservices can’t solve.

“There’s a different challenge every day,” he said. “I always tell myself and my team to never fold. We are going to dig our feet in and do whatever it takes to deliver. That’s how we live every single day. There’s no challenge too big. I can’t think of one that comes to mind because we’re gonna make it happen somewhere, somehow.”

At the grand opening of North End Teleservices, the company promised that it would deliver 200 jobs to the community. It has since surpassed that number, and Phillips hopes to continue to grow the company.

“I mean, we intend to take over the world, but we’re going to change in so many different ways,” he said. “We are going into different avenues of business. We are currently working on a new facility, which is super exciting for us. It’s a build-out and another promise to the community that we’re going to deliver on.”