Complementary Enterprises: Julie Hockney Establishes Family of Businesses

Becoming an entrepreneur was natural for Julie Hockney. In 2007, sitting at home with a newborn baby, she was inspired to start JH Interior Design Studio. It was the confidence to try out the interior design business, messy or not, that gave her the boost to dive in.

“I was just excited to start something and I think for a lot of entrepreneurs, that’s where it begins,” she said. “I started in my basement. It wasn’t glamorous, it wasn’t big. It was really grassroots. And I just loved building something. I loved finding people to come alongside that vision.”

Once established, Hockney often found herself creating bouquets of flowers for photo shoots in her kitchen late at night. It was then that she realized she could open a companion business. Bouquet, a full-service floral design studio, was opened in 2014. But, she didn’t stop there. The Studio by JH, a retail store featuring a showroom and art gallery was opened in 2021. Additionally, she opened a second interior design branch in Steamboat, Colorado.

With the majority of her businesses located off of N. 98th Street within the Clocktower Village strip mall, Hockney rounded out her ventures in 2022 when she purchased The Winery, an established wine shop and deli that had previously shuttered its doors.

“I naturally have a lot of energy. I love people. And I love figuring things out,” Hockney said of her serial entrepreneurism. “I think the combo of those three is always just a great formula for a new project. You can’t do it alone. So bringing people in and getting to know them and what motivates them and having them feel successful is a better feeling to me than anything.”

Hockey serves on the board of EO Nebraska and is currently president-elect, making her the first female president of the organization when she steps into the role in July 2024. She said her involvement in EO has provided a key support system along the way.

“It’s hard to explain how incredibly helpful it is to have other people in the same situation,” she said. “Having those people there even just to listen or share an experience of something they did is just so incredibly valuable and helpful. It’s almost this built-in safety net.”

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