Cultivating Culture Myers Supports Company Growth through New Initiatives

Running through a list of Lexie Myers’ accomplishments, it’s hard to believe how many major projects she’s completed in just two years. The fact that much of it happened during a global pandemic is just all the more impressive.

Since joining Medical Solutions, a nationwide staffing source for travel nurses, Myers has rolled out or been at the forefront of talent management, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), revamping the company’s core values and pandemic response. Not to mention keeping up with the firm’s explosive growth in headcount, which reached 1,300 internal positions last year alone.

But ask the Papillion native about this admirable roster of wins and she merely defers the credit to her team.

“For my team, it’s been about providing great support to our growing internal organization,” she said. “The business has grown a lot, which can be really awesome, but also comes with some growing pains, too. While all of our clients and nurses are the ones who have the most demanding roles, we’ve been trying to support them in the best way we can.”

Managing Growth

Joining the firm in 2019 was a study in good timing as the company was bent on expanding its HR team to help deal with its rapid growth. Myers’ natural leadership skills and desire to serve all employees fairly and equitably pushed her to the forefront of developing a system by which employees could plan their careers and receive regular feedback about their development.

“All of our talent processes, goal-setting conversations, talent reviews, work succession, all those types of conversations really kicked off in a kind of 1.0 version in 2019,” she said. “That initiative continued through 2020 and my team still leads that today. That’s been something that from the ground up has been a key focus in my time here.”

Developing work-arounds to deal with pandemic conditions has been another major milestone in her short time with the company. Some of the adjustments made during that time have been retained as they’ve proven to be a better mousetrap for attracting and retaining quality employees.

“We already had a remote sales team in one of our divisions and we also have offices in other areas outside of Omaha,” she said. “But it was absolutely a huge shift to take our Omaha headquarters and have a lot of those team members work from home. That all feels like the normal course of business now, but it was definitely a big shift in 2020.

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“Staying on top of remote and hybrid workers is a huge opportunity for us, by helping leaders be great at leading teams remotely. Lots of leaders grew up with business meetings being with someone in person or observing performance when you’re all together. There’s a little spin on leading remote and hybrid teams and still being able to create engagement.”

Eyes on the Future

Never one to rest on her laurels, Myers has already identified the next hill to climb in the ongoing effort to create the most ideal working environment possible.

“Culture is a top priority at Medical Solutions,” she said. “Cultivating a culture people really want to be a part of is a huge focus for our team. That includes things like enhancing our capabilities around succession in workforce planning, especially as the company continues to grow. The phrase we use is, ‘Being able to put the right people in the right roles at the right time,’ and as we continue to grow, that’s going to be increasingly important.”

Myers received a degree in business administration and management from Midland University in Fremont and a masters degree in managerial communications with an emphasis in HR from Bellevue University.