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Dr. Shari Veil joins Bailey Lauerman’s Board of Directors

Bailey Lauerman, an industry-leading Nebraska-based advertising agency, has appointed Dr. Shari Veil to its Board of Directors. Shari R. Veil, MBA, Ph.D., is a professor and dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Veil is known for bringing an innovative perspective to a traditional academic approach. “Our vision for the college is to be the leader in experiential education in journalism and mass communications,” she said.

Veil’s appointment begins a unique union between academia and professional practice. “There are two things that excite me about our partnership,” explains Greg Andersen, Chief Executive Officer at BL. “The first is their leading-edge approach. Their pace will help us keep up our own pace in a time of rapid change. The second thing is the college’s creation of legitimately experienced practitioners coming out of school.”

For 53 years, BL has championed recruiting young, Nebraska-based talent. “This appointment further enhances our efforts to be a talent destination for the next generation of leaders,” said Andersen. “Bailey Lauerman has been a wonderful partner to the college over the years, supporting scholarships, competitions and facility upgrades,” Veil stated. “The agency employs a number of our alumni throughout its departments and continues to recruit more talented graduates.”

“Dr. Veil brings an important perspective to the boardroom that will be incredibly valuable for us to maintain momentum in our industry,” states Carter Weitz, BL Chairman and Chief Creative Officer. “Her solutions-driven approach is grounded in the spirit of innovation.”

“I’m delighted to accept this appointment,” Veil said. “I look forward to learning more about the agency’s inner workings, which will allow me to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing our alumni in advertising and public relations. This collaboration will better prepare our students as they launch their careers.”


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