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Eric Johnson

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director Brings Unique Insights to Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is excited to announce the hiring of Eric Johnson as its Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In his role, Johnson will lead all DEI initiatives and programs. Among Johnson’s areas of focus is creating measurable results through DEI training and implementation. He will utilize collected data to better understand where Medical Solutions is excelling and identify areas of opportunity to best implement diversity, equity, and inclusion training and programs.

Additionally, Johnson will lead the company’s Diversity Council, comprised of more than 130 corporate employees.

“I was very excited to join Medical Solutions because of the inclusive and engaging culture that already exists,” said Johnson. “I was impressed by the support DEI initiatives and programs have from the executive leadership, and the DEI work already being done gives me a great place to start.”

“Eric not only brings an unmatched background to the role of director of DEI, but he also brings an energy that can only make Medical Solutions an even better place to work,” said Craig Meier, Chief Executive Officer. “We’re always about being human-first at Medical Solutions, and Eric will bring a whole new level of that to our company through DEI initiatives and leadership.”

Prior to joining Medical Solutions, Johnson co-founded Insighted, where he focused on executive coaching specific to diversity, equity, and inclusion. He has led hundreds of DEI-related workshops and public speaking engagements around the country.

“Much of what interested me in creating Insighted were the experiences I had while working in television,” said Johnson. “I faced assumptions based on stereotypes. I want every employee to feel included and that they belong at Medical Solutions.”

Johnson looks forward to positively impacting Medical Solutions through his role as director of diversity, equity, and inclusion. He states, “When I say ‘inclusion,’ I mean it for everyone.”

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