Essentials Natural Family Health: Providing Healing Care to People of all Ages

Dr. Kate Hansen and her team at Essentials Natural Family Health have set out to help patients in not only their physical health, but also their emotional, mental and spiritual health journeys.

Hansen started practicing chiropractic care in 2004. When her husband’s job relocated them to Omaha in 2009, she decided to take the leap and open a practice. In 2010, her clinic opened, offering natural options for health.

Focus on Women’s Health

She said the reason for opening her practice came from personal experience.

“When I opened Essentials, I was pregnant with my second child,” she said. “It’s such an important time in a woman’s life to pay attention to her health and to do anything naturally to help her be comfortable with all the changes her body will go through in that miraculous process.

“It occurred to me that women expect to be in pain when they are pregnant and that is just not ‘normal.’ It’s common, but not normal. Any type of pain is your body signaling that something isn’t right and that was one of the main things I wanted to share with women experiencing pregnancy. It doesn’t have to be painful.” 

Locally-made tea such as Artemis Teas available for patients. (Photography by Debra S. Kaplan)
Locally-made tea such as Artemis Teas available for patients. (Photography by Debra S. Kaplan)

Today, she and her team of 14 employees provide chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, clinical hypnotherapy, energy healing modalities, and wellness workshops. The practice specializes in women’s health – from fertility to pregnancy and postpartum.

Hansen’s practice has always employed female doctors and staff and takes pride in being woman-owned. The practice focuses on specific treatment plans that are catered to each person and their exact needs. 

“We believe wholeheartedly in meeting people where they are in their health journey and in giving very individualized care,” she explained. “We believe in treating the ‘whole person’ – body, mind, and spirit.”

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Empowering Partnerships

Looking ahead, Essentials Natural Family Health is collaborating with other healers who have the same principles. Kayla Vavra and Ashley Gleason, owners of You’re Soul Welcome, a healing arts collaborative, will be collaborating with Hansen and her team. The clinic will also partner with Heart Magic Healing, Evolved Energetics with Angela Shakti Sparks, Indigo Sage Reiki with Alexis Monahan, and others.

Dr. Kate Hansen providing chiropractic care. (Photography by Debra S. Kaplan)

Hansen also recently launched a sister business, Beloved Wellness, which will help holistically support people through complimentary services.

Essentials Natural Family Health is also committed to giving back to the community and important causes whenever possible. For example, patients can purchase a line of stone bracelets in the office that are designed and made by women, and the clinic will give 10% of those profits to support women in need.

“We feel great about the contribution we are making to the health and well-being of the Omaha community and Nebraska as a whole,” Hansen said. “We know that each life that we help improve through healing — reduced pain, healthier habits, healing past traumas, improved quality of life, increased happiness, and sense of wellbeing — will have a ripple effect into the lives of all the people they interact with. It truly is a fact that as you heal, you are helping to heal everyone.”

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