Expanding Footprint to Omaha: Groundworks acquires local foundation repair company

Groundworks, one of the country’s fastest-growing foundation and water management solutions companies, has opened its first customer-facing location in Omaha.

The company was founded by Matt Malone in 2016 after seeing a need in the industry for quality workmanship in the area of foundation, basement waterproofing, crawl space, and concrete repair.

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Groundworks began when Malone noticed that the industry was fragmented, with far too many fly-by-night contractors and limiting business models that were not meeting the demands or expectations of homeowners. He also recognized that there were not enough meaningful career opportunities for employees and their families.

“Groundworks saw a better way,” he said.

So, he set out to do something different, and in the last five years, his efforts have proven successful.

Recently, Groundworks acquired CLS Foundation Repair, which has been in business in the Midwest for more than three decades. This was Groundworks’ 23rd acquisition since opening.

With its new location in Omaha, the company now has 19 brands with 48 offices, offering a variety of services related to foundation and water management solutions.

Focused on People

The company has over 250 employee owners, with more than 4,000 total employees. Together, the team has served more than 1.5 million customers around the country since inception.

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“Our employees benefit from our company’s merit-based bonus programs and profit-sharing program,” Malone said. “We have built an employee culture of owners who get up every day and act like owners. We have aggressive incentive programs that allow men and women who work at this company to earn a living that will change their lives to serve their families.”

Groundworks already has 50 employees in the Omaha office and will continue to build on the positive reputation that CLS has worked hard to build.

“CLS has been successful in the region because of their quality work and the relationships they’ve created in the community and with their customers,” Malone said. “Groundworks will continue to build on that reputation by investing in our employees, marketing, and infrastructure.”

Andy Hansen, general manager of Groundworks Omaha, said CLS and its employees have been a part of the Omaha community for many years now, delivering service to residents when they needed foundation repair and waterproofing services the most.

“Now as Groundworks, we will continue that mission to create safer, more comfortable, and valuable homes in Nebraska,” Hansen said. “With Groundworks, our business has received an infusion of resources that benefit both our local employees and customers.”

Focused on Omaha

Groundworks’ mission is simply to protect, repair and improve each customer’s greatest asset: their home. Malone is a strategic thinker and felt that servicing Omaha would be something that would not only benefit his company, but the residents in the area, too.

The company offers warranty-backed permanent solutions, service after each sale, quality products, and trusted local professionals that know the area and can tailor solutions to ensure homes are protected long into the future.

“Groundworks is challenging the status quo by providing better products and services to more customers, growing family businesses beyond what would have been otherwise possible,” Malone said.

In addition to the positive impact the company will have on local communities, buildings, and the workforce, Groundworks is also committed to giving back to the state in whatever ways possible.

Currently, the company is sponsoring the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and it has been named an Official Foundation Company of the Huskers.

Future Outlook

During the pandemic, the company saw the need for home services rise at an unprecedented rate. Groundworks wants to position itself as a leader, building one of the first national foundation solutions company in the United States.

Malone said Groundworks’ niche of foundation services is one of the most important and most complex service offerings a company can provide. That’s why Malone said he and his team work hard to showcase their expertise so customers will learn to trust them to do the job right, the first time.

Currently, there are plans to expand operations by opening additional Groundworks offices in Nebraska, and when this happens efforts will be concentrated on hiring local talent.

“We are relentlessly focused on delivering solutions our customers can trust, no matter where they live,” Malone said. “We know the Groundworks way of growth through investments, leadership development and bringing industry leading products and solutions to our customers will continue to make us successful in Nebraska and beyond.”

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