From Contractor to Business Owner: Morehead Builds Collaborative Insurance Solutions

Eryka Morehead took on a role as an independent contractor in the insurance industry to have more control of her schedule. Soon enough, that desire for flexibility turned into founding her own business, Collaborative Insurance Solutions.

Established as Collaborative Planning Group in 2016, Morehead and her team provide insurance strategy solutions to the clients of financial advisors and attorneys.

Previously working in the real estate and financial consulting industries, Morehead took the skill set she built and steered her career in a new direction.

“I knew I wanted to make a change from being a corporate employee and get back to controlling my own schedule,” she said.

After interviewing with several companies, Morehead was offered jobs at each of them to either start or head up their insurance departments. Instead of taking a job offer, she came back with a counteroffer: offering outsourced solutions as an independent contractor, as Collaborative Planning Group.

What I didn’t realize at that time, and I think this is common in most entrepreneurs, is all the things that you actually spend your time doing as entrepreneurs have nothing to do with the one thing that you love doing,” she said.

To get back to her passion, she expanded her team, rebranded the company, and is now getting back to the foundation of Collaborative Insurance Solutions.

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“I love being able to influence the path the company goes down and I love being able to have the freedom to go find the solution — find the insurance contract that best suits our client’s needs,” she said.

Considering herself a visionary thinker, Morehead has found a sounding board with fellow entrepreneur members of EO.

“Oftentimes, we’re all solving some of the same problems,” she said. “Being able to bring together the brainpower and throw an idea out to our group chat for example, having a community of entrepreneurs that will respond back and share their experiences, what’s worked or maybe what’s not worked for them is valuable.”

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