Grab that Event Sponsor Spotlight! How Event Sponsorship Can Make Your Business Shine

Getting involved in local events as a sponsor is a unique marketing and networking opportunity that’s definitely worth looking into! You can increase exposure of your business, and consequently, the chance to connect with new customers or clients. The Sarpy Chamber’s calendar is full of events attended by a large local and engaged audience, so there are plenty of opportunities out there!

Here are some important things to consider when deciding if event sponsorship would be an effective tool for your business. 

Brand Visibility

The bigger the event, the more press and social media mentions you get before, during, and after the event day. Sponsorships typically have your logo included in promotional materials, event signs, as well as in-person recognition at the event. All of these touches boost brand recognition in the community. Major Sarpy Chamber events like the Annual Golf Tournament offer all these things plus the opportunity for hole sponsors to incorporate branded swag items and unique activities or games to represent your business.

Consumer Perception

Positive public perception can really make your business stand out. Customers form positive opinions when businesses are tied to local events, as it connects you with being reputable, reliable and interested in being an active member of the community. In fact, research from the Event Marketing Institute found that most consumers are more likely to buy products or services after exposure to a branded event marketing experience. 

Conduct Targeted Marketing

The audience of an event can be one of the biggest determining factors of whether you decide to sponsor. An event hosted for a niche audience can be a great way to find qualified leads for your business, and the marketing spend becomes easier to justify. Sarpy Chamber events like the Ladies Day Out Golf Tournament or the Guys Event at Oak Creek Sporting Club deliver these kinds of specific audiences in a fun setting that may be a perfect fit for your brand. 

Efficient Lead Generation and Sales

Think about the amount of time you normally spend hunting for 10 qualified leads. How about 20, 50, or 100? Event holders typically provide data about attendees or attendance rates in advance. Do your research and plan a strategy to optimize your time. The Sarpy Chamber hosts over 200 events each year and can provide year-to-year attendance and demographic data for most. If you’re wanting to get started in event sponsorship or expand your event sponsorship, the Sarpy Chamber’s calendar is a great place to start! We mentioned some upcoming events like the Ladies Day Out Golf Event on June 6th, the Guys Event at Oak Creek Sporting Club on June 28th, and the  Annual Golf Tournament on July 27th, and if you’re interested in getting involved as a sponsor or learn about more upcoming event sponsor opportunities you can call us at 402-339-3050.

Save These Dates:

May 16: Membership Breakfast
Learn about Sarpy Chamber membership

May 17: W.O.M.E.N. Wellness Event
Tips and tricks on staying healthy

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May 18: State of the County
Get updates on various project around the county

May 24: Website 101 Training
Learn about website resources for chamber members

May 25: Business After Hours at FAIRWAY Mortgage – West Mortgage Group
Get in some networking in the afternoon!

June 06: Ladies Day Out Golf Event
Enjoy golf, wine, and prizes at this event!

June 08: Coffee & Contacts at Willow Lakes Golf Course
Start your day with some morning networking!

June 20: B.U.Y.S. Event “What Am I Paying You for?”
Sales education event on building relationships

Unwavering Advocate

We are your unwavering advocate. As business owners, neighbors and friends, we are Sarpy. Our whole hearts are into making a better future for all of us. As a connector of solutions and a helping hand to members, Sarpy Chamber provides knowledge and opportunities that empower local business. Local doesn’t just mean Sarpy County! We serve many members in Omaha and the surrounding area. Sarpy Chamber membership is for any business or organization wanting to build up their network. 

Building relationships with your business peers as well as our staff is part of that empowerment. If you are interested in getting involved with the Sarpy Chamber just reach out to us about getting involved and opening doors to a wide range of networking events, professional groups, workshops, and other activities, all with the aim of connecting business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs.

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