Gratitude: Much to be Grateful For

Over the last couple of years, communities around the world, including ours, have faced an unprecedented time of crisis and uncertainty. Through it all, however, we have seen heroes at work: devoted teachers, brave frontline workers, brilliant scientists and the dedicated and compassionate health care community.

We all have much to be grateful for.

We know the effect that gratitude has on the human spirit. In my own career at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, I have experienced the results of leading with gratitude in creating a resilient and purposeful culture. And new scientific research shows that practicing gratitude, even in small ways, has profound effects on mental and physical wellness.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska exists to add more good years to Nebraskans’ lives, which is why we are proud to sponsor the inaugural Omaha Gratitude Summit. This one-day event is headlined by the world’s top experts on gratitude and neuroscience and is designed to energize community and business leaders for action. 

My hope is that the Omaha Gratitude Summit will be a catalyst for creating the kind of positive culture that enables us all to flourish and succeed. You will end the day connected to fellow leaders who believe – as I do – that a civic spirit of gratitude is vital to building teams and communities.

– Steve Grandfield,
President & CEO,
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska