Gratitude Summit Q&A

Greg Key
Lueder Construction

Again, this year I was challenged to embrace gratitude in all areas of life and certainly relative to leadership in those areas. It doesn’t come easy and it takes continual practice but if it’s the secret sauce to joy and positive impact it’s well worth the effort. I left the summit personally challenged to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to being grateful, showing gratitude and being forgiving. There is no ability to be too grateful!


Patricia Kearns

The Gratitude Summit was again so valuable! The combination of Dr. Jeff Snell’s neuro-based education demonstrating that forgiveness is the skill of emotional restraint combined with Dr. Everett Worthington’s REACH model as the framework for developing the skill, provided the tools my team and I need for growth personally and professionally. Just like learning to swing a golf club, forgiveness can be learned with sufficient practice. Both experts created motivation by convincingly demonstrating that the skill of forgiveness is as beneficial to one’s health as the routine of gratitude.


Michael Emsick
Emsick Architects

I learned that gratitude is something you give to others and forgiveness is something you give to yourself. As an architect much of my work is in problem-solving to bring a client’s building dream to reality. When there are problems, there are differences of opinion, I was surprised to learn the opportunities I had during a project to practice the forgiveness model we learned. Also, I realized that some of my actions create the opportunity for others to forgive me.


Manger Baw

I’ve discovered that being grateful is like giving a gift to others, and forgiving is like giving a gift to yourself. I’ve also explored the REACH forgiveness model to think about my own struggles and see them from a different perspective. Lastly, I’ve realized that both individuals and organizations can thrive when forgiveness is taken into consideration.


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W. Todd Johnson

Gratitude is like a muscle … the more you exercise it the easier it becomes … and the stronger you become!








Dr. Beverly Kracher

I enjoyed learning the neuroscience of forgiveness. I also was reminded that, as a leader, I should help others go the distance to forgive, and not merely “get over it.”