Greater Omaha Chamber: We Serve, Salute, and Soar

The feeling is pronounced – that lump in your throat triggered by a deep sense of patriotism. We are proud to support those who serve our nation and preserve our freedoms, and we are proud that our efforts have earned a national ranking as one of the country’s top military-friendly cities.

Home to dozens of defense-related companies dedicated to global security by providing services ranging from protecting the homeland to managing government information systems for crucial operations such as at Offutt Air Force Base, USSTRATCOM, and the Air Force Weather Agency.

To protect, expand and extend current missions and attract new missions, the Greater Omaha Chamber is constantly out in the community meeting with local, state, and national business, political and military leaders. 

Offutt AFB is an integral part of our community employing approximately 6,630 active-duty service members, 3,800 civilians and indirectly creating 23,500 jobs. The total economic impact of Offutt AFB is more than $2.6 billion annually. 

Talent acquisition is a challenge for every industry. Luckily, we have a local talent pool for transitioning service members. Sadly, few companies in our area utilize this resource. As a result of the few opportunities, transitioning service members leave the Greater Omaha Area. One way to tap into and retain that talent is through the Department of Defense’s SKillBridge program. SKillBridge is a program run by the Department of Defense that allows active-duty service members to participate in an internship or apprenticeship program up to 180 days before their date of separation. 

There are two caveats to this program: 

1. Little to no cost to the government 

2. High probability of employment. 

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The service member is still receiving full pay and benefits while participating. The only cost to a potential employer is the time, effort, and energy to train an already highly skilled, motivated service member. There are approximately 1,000 opportunities (transitioning service members) coming out of Offutt every year, comprising of professionals from every industry. 

The Greater Omaha Chamber is working with the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense, Military Community and Family Policy Defense State Liaison Office, Midwest Region on: Licensing Compacts, Open enrollment flexibility, Concurrent Juvenile Jurisdiction, Licensure Exemptions for Military Family Child Care Providers, Defining Armed Services, Military and Family Life Counselors Licensure Waiver.

Nationally, The Greater Omaha Area was selected as a 2023 Great American Defense Community (GADC) by the Association of Defense Communities (ADC). The Greater Omaha Area is one of five communities selected for this recognition by the ADC. 

Karen Holt, ADC president, said, “Greater Omaha is a great example of how communities are working tirelessly to ensure America’s military can be proud of where they call home.” The GADC program was launched by the ADC in 2016 to recognize and celebrate the communities and regions that support military installations for their exceptional commitment to improving the quality of life for the military.

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May 23: CODE: Growing Home
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May 25: Financial Toolkit: Build a Financial House for You and Your Business

CHAMBER Membership 

Join our Community of 12,000+ Business Professionals.

The Greater Omaha Chamber offers a wide variety of benefits and value for its members. Developed for a diverse group of business owners, the Chamber hosts networking functions, professional growth opportunities and business education sessions, all of which are available to every employee of member businesses.

Making relevant business connections is one of the top reasons our members join and stay with us. There are a variety of reasons people network – to help others connect and thrive, to purchase something from someone you know, to find new customers for your own business or to use an event efficiently to refresh relationships with current customers – and we offer a variety of events in a multitude of locations and times to fit your needs.

Chamber membership puts you in the same room as CEOs, business owners and even potential customers. As a member, you have access to free or reduced admission to 60+ events where you can rub elbows with other business leaders with exclusive-access at member-only events. Nearly every week of the year, we bring people together! In fact, over 10,000 individuals participate annually – choose what events might fit your personal style and business goals.

Another popular reason our members join is to build their company’s visibility and reputation; they find value in using Chamber events to do this. This can be accomplished on a personal level with business connections gained during networking, but there are also tools and awards you might want to consider, too.

Exposure within the community is available through many Chamber volunteer opportunities, including the Red Ribbon Crew, President’s Club and various Councils. Each volunteer opportunity provides access to professional development, business development and brand recognition while helping build a stronger community, together.

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