Heartland Focus: Percipio Business Advisors Grows Footprint

Nearly just a year old, Percipio Business Advisors has expanded its client base outside of its presence in Oklahoma, Texas and California.

Founded in January as a spin-off from parent private equity investment company, Percipio Partners, the accounting and finance consulting firm headquartered at 3206 South 71st St. is staffed by the likes of five former public accountants – three of whom are active CPAs.

Clients come to Percipio for outsourced accounting, tax, or transaction advisory work.

Industry specialization runs the gamut, including construction, health care, energy, education, manufacturing, nonprofits, real estate, technology, transportation, warehousing and wholesale trade.

“As we are a smaller office, we can leverage our practice leaders to consider all areas of a business when offering up business advice to our clients,” said Vice President Justin Niederklein. “Just because you are a bookkeeping client, doesn’t mean we won’t consider the tax implications of a business decision.”

Carving a Niche

The company was founded by Jim Rich and Bill Ellis to provide solutions like real estate acquisitions and direct private equity investment.

Joining the firm in 2019, CPA Nick Burianek, now a vice president with Percipio Business Advisors, quickly rose through the ranks to become the head of the accounting and finance consulting department.

“Through working closely with various companies, spanning industries, I brought forth a proposal to carve out the accounting and financing consulting firm to serve Percipio Partners’ portfolio companies, as well as to offer outsourced consulting services to non-portfolio companies,” Burianek said.

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He ended up using his network to join forces with Niederklein, as well as Consulting Managers Seth Barkley and Ben Green, to create what would become Percipio Business Advisors.

The “lightbulb moment,” the team indicated, was the identification of a gap in services for small and medium-sized businesses at one of many points described as “critical” in their business lifecycles; notably, the lack of expertise and capital requirements to build out an in-house finance and accounting department in a cost-effective manner.

“Our goal is to provide the essential functions of bookkeepers, controllers and CFOs to these businesses at a cost lower than they would be able to hire these positions at, with an increased level of technical expertise, allowing the business owners to focus on what they would likely prefer to focus on: their operations,” Burianek explained.

Over time, leadership quickly realized that many small businesses were also not getting much-needed advice and planning. In turn, Percipio Business Advisors bolstered its offerings in areas such as corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, and tax planning and preparation.

Commitment to Local Service

As the firm has evolved, services have expanded to a fully-staffed bookkeeping and management team tasked with its transaction advisory and tax work. A further nod to what was characterized as its “partnership mentality,” Partner and VP of Business Development Gary McCoy was among those partner-clients who noted how Percipio Business Advisors has helped them to grow. In Blink Energy Services’ case, McCoy said the firm helped them to understand where they could improve.

“Before working with them, understanding and forecasting our finances was difficult,” he said. “Now we can utilize the information they provide to strategically grow.”

While the fledgling firm has already spread its wings beyond Nebraska borders, leadership reinforced its commitment to the home state and market.

“All members of our team are Nebraska natives,” Niederklein stated. “Additionally, our team members attended college here in Nebraska, worked their first internships here, and have been mentored by many members of the local community, allowing our team to do what we do today.”

As the firm has evolved, services have expanded to a fully-staffed bookkeeping and management team tasked with its transaction advisory and tax work. upon its existing and growing service offerings and personnel, while retaining what has enabled it to grow rapidly out of the gate – its focus on personalized, partnership-centric service.

“The most important goal, by far, is that we want to see our day one clients stick with us,” said Burianek. “We are thankful that they have put their confidence in us as a new business, and we have made it a priority to treat those clients as partners and make sure that they are with us long-term.

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