In the Business of Talent: Boesch Grows Portfolio of Businesses

Starting off as a CPA, Josh Boesch craved more for his career. Looking to make a bigger impact, he moved into the business of recruitment. That switch lit his entrepreneurial drive, leading him to buy companies in a wide range of industries under Boesch Enterprises, a private equity group.

“I dove feet first into entrepreneurship within Lutz, the CPA firm,” Boesch said of his work in the Lutz Talent division.

He started on his own in 2021 with Boesch Enterprises, soon acquiring his first business, BJ Shower Door Co. Now rebranded as Gatsby Glass, Boesch and his team built out a franchise model, leading to 26 franchisees. From there, Boesch purchased Thrasher’s commercial division, GeoSupport Systems, Lake Services Dredge and Dock and Prime Protection of DFW, a dealer of ADT Security systems.

When asked what drives his aspirations, Boesch said it’s all about the impact he can make.

“There are a lot of businesses out there that really don’t have a succession plan and don’t know what’s going to happen to [the] employees when the ownership retires,” he said.

The best part, he said, is making an impact on each individual within a business, by placing them in roles that they thrive in. Getting an outsider’s look in, Boesch can address issues head-on.

“Being a CPA, I understand the numbers, I understand cash management, but more importantly, I feel that any industry that I jump into, as long as I can recruit and retain my talent better than my competition, I can set the business up for success,” he said.

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While Boesch has made a living off of solving business problems, he still needs a sounding board, which he has found with EO Nebraska.

“There are just certain aspects of the business that family members or friends just may not really understand or comprehend or be able to relate to,” he said. “Grouping up with EO allowed me a group of like-minded individuals that I’m allowed to share my issues with and really heed advice from and learn from.”

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