Increase Your Visibility: Connect, Build Relationships, and Grow Your Influence

For many people, “networking” can feel exhausting. Daunting, even. But growing and nurturing strong business relationships will not only give you a leg up on your competition, but it can pay incredible dividends over time. 

The key concept here is to connect with others to build relationships. Note we didn’t say conduct a transaction, sometimes that certainly happens, but it is after conversation and understanding. 

Building a network of people starts with listening and understanding a person, then together exploring how you might help each other. When this is done well, your connections will also connect you with their connections. From there, the opportunities are endless. 

At our annual conferences and events, you’ll get the chance to meet a variety of people, celebrate the achievements of Omaha businesses, and champion the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

At the Greater Omaha Chamber, our members cite a variety of reasons for why they network like: to help others connect and thrive; to purchase something from someone familiar; to find new customers; and to use an event efficiently to refresh relationships with current customers. A chamber membership puts you in control of your own career. 

Only at a Chamber event can you find yourself in the same room as CEOs, business owners, and even potential customers. As a member, you have access to free or reduced admission to more than 60 annual events, including exclusive members-only social gatherings. Whether the meeting is a day-long conference or a shorter workshop, we try to allow space for you to build connections as well as learn. 

And please don’t be intimidated by a crowd. We are known for gathering hundreds of people at any given time. But even in those large crowds, you can get to know who you are seated with or standing next to in line. Look for folks who might be by themselves and introduce yourself and learn about them. 

The Chamber also offers members the chance to network virtually. It’s a breeze to connect and engage with our social media channels. 

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The Chamber’s Linkedin group has a vibrant following of over 11,000 business owners and area professionals. It’s truly an open forum for discussion and information. It might seem uncomfortable at first, but once you realize just how committed our members are to helping each other succeed, you’ll find yourself eagerly anticipating the next opportunity.   

Visit the event calendar and register for an upcoming event to start building your network. Or consider which volunteer opportunities  could be a good fit for you and your employees to meet others in the community. 

Remember, it’s never too late to start building those relationships. The more you invest in making new connections in the community, the easier it will be to tap into that relationship for referrals, advice, insight into potential job offers, and other valuable information.

Save These Dates:

February 08: CODE Assessment Q&A Informational Webinar
February 09: CEOs for CODE
February 15: CODE Connections
February 16: All Chambers Together Coffee & Contacts: RTG Medical
March 02: Coffee & Contacts: Boys Town
March 02: CODE Education Series -New American Integration: Completion of Series Certificate & Networking Event
March 09: CODE Employer Coalition – Embrace the Power of Employee Resource Groups – Developing ERGs
March 15: EEC: Cybersecurity

Chamber Membership

Whether you’re new to the Omaha business community or want to crank up the volume on your company’s name, a membership in the Greater Omaha Chamber can be just the boost you need. As a Chamber member, you’ll have access to more than 60 events every year where you can connect with CEOs, business leaders, and other professionals and advocate on behalf of your company or business. 

But networking is just one component of getting more eyes and ears on your services. The Chamber also provides members with helpful tools and award opportunities that can put add a proverbial exclamation point behind your business.   

Each year, we recognize over 50 businesses and individuals with awards. During the nomination process, many members nominate themselves – and that’s great! 

Award recipients are selected by volunteer peers and winners are recognized online and in person with a variety of promotions and celebrations. You can further differentiate your business and continue to stand out from the crowd by using our Member News feature to highlight special offers and other information about your business on our website. 

We offer window clings for your office and a digital membership logo that can be displayed on your website or your collateral to leverage your partnership and civic engagement in the community. You can also use the chamber to showcase your business in person by hosting a meeting for event. 

There are some costs associated with this, but the ROI is substantial when you consider the lasting impression you could make with our members visiting you. When it comes to increasing your visibility and boosting your reputation, you don’t have to go it alone. The Greater Omaha Chamber is here to help you maximize success, so you can build the business you always dreamed about.

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