Health Care Ninjas: KPI Ninja Drives Health Care Outcomes with Analytics

KPI Ninja is doing big things with data analytics in the health care space. The company helps health care institutions provide information for people to better improve health outcomes. Founded in 2014, the company is owned by Vineeth Yeddula, CEO, Vijay Musunuru, CPO, and Naren Parimi, CTO. The idea for the company came from their real-life experience.

“As prior health care leaders that were leading teams through improvement efforts, we first-hand experienced the health data obstacles related to seeing the right story efficiently,” Yeddula said. “So, armed with a mission to empower health care organizations and clinicians to improve care using health data, we created KPI Ninja.”

KPI Ninja: Improving Patient Outcomes

The concept helps health organizations understand their current performance and identify key areas that need improvement.

“We bring the data together for a cohesive view of the patient(s) and provide analytics to help providers and organizations understand their current performance. They then can use this data to make meaningful improvements on the outcomes that matter to their patients.”

KPI Ninja’s core technology solution is called Ninja Universe. It has been validated by numerous organizations and programs and holds multiple national certifications. While these certifications help establish reputability and trust with potential clients, the KPI Ninja team believes that their software is not the only driving force to securing a loyal client base.

“KPI Ninja is different in that we do not just offer software solutions, but we work side-by-side with clients to provide technology that fits their needs and provide consulting on how to use the data to meaningfully improve patient lives,” Yeddula said. “Our core mission is to help improve the health of our communities. With that, our passions lie in supporting various health data use cases, rather than just solving data exchange obstacles or building data dashboards.”

Funding A Vision

While obtaining adequate funding was a real challenge in their journey, they were able to receive grants from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and seed money that was led by Invest Nebraska.

After building trust with clients, KPI Ninja has seen rapid growth in its seven years of business operations. With 45 full-time employees, the company has seen a whopping 1,100% growth over the past three years.

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It currently supports about 22 million patient lives in the country.

As the health care landscape changes — especially since the pandemic — KPI Ninja has worked to adapt its technology solutions while keeping customers at the forefront.

“One of our differentiating factors is that we are nimble to the needs of our clients as they arise,” Yeddula said. “Whether that be something as simple as the need to quickly spin up a new report (like a report that gives a list of patients that have gone to the emergency room more than five times in the last six months), or more comprehensively with a full product solution.”

Supporting Health Care In A Pandemic

During the pandemic, KPI Ninja played a critical part in supporting public health, helping create a real-time hospital bed management platform to help inform health authorities and support response efforts. The company was able to adapt its solutions for different states, depending on the need.

“For one state we set up data integrations with more than 60 different hospitals and developed a COVID-19 application in less than 36 hours to meet the needs (typical timeframe of six to nines months),” he said. “Around the same time, we supported another state to merge data from different data formats to create COVID-like, COVID-positive, COVID-recovered, and COVID-deceased patient rosters within 14 days.”

KPI Ninja supports nearly every type of health organization across all sectors, whether it’s a single-provider primary care practice or a large hospital.

“We are exploring the latest technology to meet the growing data needs,” Yeddulu said.

Looking at the future, KPI Ninja has no plans to slow down.
“We have been growing at more than 50% year-over-year, and we see ourselves as the leader in the health care technology space,” he said. “Our goal is to support 30% of the U.S population within the next 18 to 24 months. Our opportunity now is to capitalize on our position and together with our partners, continue to demonstrate the power of health data.”