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New Firm Smith Pauley Announces Partners and Staff

A new law firm has emerged in Omaha. Smith Pauley is comprised of attorneys from the former Smith Slusky Law and new partners who joined the firm in recent months. Dan Smith, one of the firm’s founding partners, commented “This is the best possible transition to the future. It’s an infusion of youth balancing the depth of senior experience. I am confident the key to our culture – serving clients with integrity and ingenuity – will continue.”

Dan Pauley, the new named partner in the firm added, “It didn’t take long for Dan Smith and me to discover a similarity in vision and leadership philosophy when we met. His firm was disruptive in how they served clients when founded. Our new firm is disruptive today. We are successful because we believe in the highest level of consultative service to our clients – doing all we can to make their lives easier. And we are dedicated to a system of transparency for all on our team. We won’t employ the historic pyramid model of staffing and compensation in law. Everyone here knows that their passion for the law and demonstrated commitment to our clients is what will drive the trajectory of their careers with us.

“Life has taken some turns in the past few years that mandate adapting to a fast-paced, changing world. The legal profession is no exception to this. That’s why we have this incredible depth of professionals on our roster who consult and collaborate on complex topics like business transition/succession planning, estate and wealth transfer planning and more.”

“We moved to Blackstone Plaza in anticipation of this change and growth,” said Dan Smith.“The energy in our new office is absolutely palpable. Everyone on our staff is energized by where they see the firm going and everyone is in it for our clients on the professional and personal levels.”