New Giving Tuesday Fund: Sparking Support for Local Nonprofits

SHARE Omaha and SHARE Iowa are partner organizations dedicated to helping nonprofits fulfill their missions by inspiring more support and service. They are raising the excitement around upcoming Giving Tuesday events, along with the number of donations in the Omaha metro and western Iowa, with a new bonus fund this Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022. 

Many local business leaders have already contributed to the bonus fund, with a leading gift from Omaha Steaks. 

“We all care about our community,” said Omaha Steaks Chairman and CEO Todd Simon. “Expanding the interest and excitement around giving back is our collective responsibility as local leaders.”

Participating nonprofits on Giving Tuesday can tap into the bonus fund, which helps to incentivize individual givers and encourages new donations. Nonprofits will receive a percentage of the total bonus fund equivalent to the percentage of donors who give, rather than the amount of dollars raised, up to 10% of the total fund. Bonus dollars empower donors who give in smaller amounts by allowing them to boost the impact of their donation.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving. In this region, it’s the biggest giving day of the year and the most significant opportunity to raise support for more than 700 local nonprofits — generating $5.5 million for organizations in 2021. To maintain, if not surpass, this level of community investment, the bonus fund will elevate the metro-wide campaign even further on November 29.

If your business would like to support the 2022 Giving Tuesday Bonus Fund in support of the metro area’s nonprofits, contact Marjorie Maas at, or for Iowa-based businesses, Donna Dostal at