Often we think of bravery in big bold actions, but Omaha author and leadership coach Nicole Bianchi contends that many small brave moves will often compound over time to create competitive advantages in both life and business.

In April 2021, New Degree Press published the paperback and eBook editions of Bianchi’s book, “Small Brave Moves: Learn Why Little Acts of Bravery are the Key to Life-Changing Leadership.” The hardcover and audio editions were released in October.

“‘Small Brave Moves’ explores the intersection of bravery and leadership,” Bianchi said. “Readers will discover how small brave moves made often will compound over time creating competitive advantages both in life and business. With this foundation of bravery, leaders can then intentionally craft a thriving culture of bravery for themselves and others.”

The Inspiration

Bianchi was inspired to write the book when she saw that a common missing element in leaders was bravery — being brave enough to make the ask, have a tough conversation, and share different ideas.

“After launching my Being Brave Series during the pandemic, I realized leaders had built bravery and the act of it to be something so big and unattainable,” Bianchi said. “Bravery plus leadership creates a competitive advantage for leaders, and it takes small brave moves to get there. The book illustrates how to be brave in your professional and personal life and speaks to emerging first-time and experienced leaders who want to lead in a new way. You will be inspired to transform one small brave move at a time.”

The book received several endorsements, including one from Daniel Pink — best-selling author of “When, Drive, and To Sell is Human” — which was printed on the front cover of the hardback edition. “Small Brave Moves” is available on Amazon and locally at The Bookworm. Bianchi’s next book, which she calls the next stage for “Small Brave Moves,” is planned for release in 2023.

Learning to be Brave

Bianchi is a partner in Bravium, an Omaha-based boutique facilitation and coaching firm that specializes in developing leaders at all levels, designing and facilitating workshops and off-site meetings, and one-on-one executive coaching.

Bianchi started her first business venture, according to Bravium’s website, when she was 9 years old, digging up worms to sell to bait shops. The business failed, but she persisted, earning a degree in human resources from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her first professional role was as an HR intern at Conagra Brands.

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“Back then it was the wild, wild west,” she said. “[Conagra was] growing so fast acquiring brands, they lacked infrastructure. It was not your typical internship.”

As an intern, Bianchi developed Conagra’s first affirmative action plan and employee handbook. She quickly began modeling sales incentive plans, hiring for positions, and terminating employees for wrongdoing. From there she moved into a chief human resources officer role at FirstComp, leading all aspects of HR plus communications, facilities, and purchasing.

“After 16 years working inside two powerful Fortune 500 companies, I fulfilled a dream to start my own business,” Bianche said. “Building Bravium HD with my business partner Jeff Shannon has been an amazing ride. We partner with clients all over the world.”

Bianchi and her husband, Dave, the Sergeant of Narcotics for the Omaha Police Department, have three children. Daughter Moe, a senior at Northwest Missouri State University, is studying business and leadership and is on the nationally-ranked Women’s Track and Field team. Joe is a sophomore at Benedictine University where he is studying business and exercise science. He plays on the nationally-ranked men’s lacrosse team. Nic graduated in May from Papillion LaVista South Titans and is taking a gap year to grow his business, Bianchi Candle Co.