Protecting People, Assets & Brands: Managed Services Provider Prime Secured Delivers Peace of Mind

“Culture eats strategy every day of the week,” emphasized Jamie Bumgardner, President and CEO of Prime Secured, as he addressed the entire Prime team during a company-wide meeting. Before taking a step further allow us to introduce Prime Secured, the company behind this powerful sentiment. Located in Elkhorn, NE, Prime Secured is a managed services provider specializing in IT, cyber, and physical security.

What started as a two-person venture in 2001 has evolved into a thriving organization with over 175 dedicated employees. Their reach extends beyond Omaha, serving numerous organizations throughout the United States. Their clients all share a common goal to protect their people, assets, and brand. And they want to accomplish that with a partner they trust.

At the core of their mission is the commitment to create passionate teams that bring peace of mind to their clients. It is deliberate that the first point of their mission statement emphasizes building teams. Prime believes in the potential of their people, nurturing their growth and empowering them to become both accomplished leaders and successful individuals.

How do they manage to cultivate empowerment among their team members while ensuring client satisfaction? The answer lies in two powerful words: core values. It’s one thing to display core values on posters throughout the office or include them in client presentations. However, what truly matters is witnessing these values in action— hiring individuals that display behaviors that align with the company’s values; evaluating the company’s performance based on how well the collective embodies these principles. It creates accountability and fandom among team members.

The second aspect is agility. Agility fosters an environment of creativity, innovation, hypothesis testing, and even occasional failures, with the opportunity to learn and try again. It doesn’t stifle or impede the flow of ideas; instead, it empowers everyone to exercise their leadership muscles. This agility or agile culture is what enables Prime Secured to consistently deliver an exceptional level of service to their customers, continually assessing and fine-tuning their approach as needed. “We encourage all of our employees to share how we can improve, how we can perform better, how we serve our customers at a higher level,” Expressed Jamie Bumgardner.

Given Prime Secured’s commitment to prioritizing their people, it’s no surprise that their team members, in turn, prioritize their clients. When it comes to problem-solving, Prime team members take the lead, ensuring that solutions provided go beyond temporary fixes. Instead, they invest the time to comprehend the client’s objectives, aiming to address the root cause of concerns. Team members consistently stay informed about the latest technologies, thoroughly vetting them and understanding their potential to improve a customer’s environment.

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Prime Secured also recognizes the importance of giving back to the community that has supported them throughout their 22-year journey. To fulfill this commitment, they established #PrimePassion, an initiative dedicated to supporting local non-profit organizations. Through #PrimePassion, Prime Secured provides a platform for non-profits to share their mission and ways to get involved. They collaborate with these organizations to host quarterly non-profit events and select one non-profit to sponsor and actively engage with throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a partner that prioritizes culture, delivers excellence, and shares a true passion for their work, Prime Secured is the right choice. They aim to become an extension of your team, offering the best IT, cyber, and physical security services. With a strong foundation based on serving others, strategic thinking, fostering growth, taking ownership, and maintaining accountability, Prime Secured can be a valuable addition to your team.