Resilience in Words: A Planner that Inspires

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Local marketing and public relations guru Josefina Loza teamed up with designer Olabanji Stephen to create a planner focused on personal growth. The book, Resilience in Words, is available now.

Josefina Loza, founder, Lozafina Marketing & Public Relations
Josefina Loza, founder, Lozafina Marketing & Public Relations

Josefina Loza

Founder, Lozafina
Marketing & Public Relations


Q. What was the inspiration for the planner?

A. The inspiration for this planner stems from my own journey of overcoming personal and professional challenges. I’m a longtime journalist-turned-public relations-professional, who has written for the Omaha World-Herald, Huffington Post, Associated Press, and Colorado Springs Gazette, just to name a few. Throughout my life, I faced hurdles like divorce, single motherhood, adversity in the workplace, anxiety and depression. During these times, I found solace and strength in writing down a compilation of motivational quotes and reflections scrawled on sticky notes throughout my home. These notes were more than just words; they became a daily ritual that helped me stay focused, organized, and resilient.

During periods of personal challenges, particularly when coping with mental health concerns like anxiety or depression, the simplest daily activities can become daunting. Recognizing this, Olabanji and I have developed a system that simplifies tasks to their core, making them manageable even on the toughest days. The Resilience in Words system is designed to be intuitively easy to use, ensuring that essential tasks, such as writing end-of-year reports for clients, can be accomplished with minimal stress.

Our goal is to provide a solution that is so straightforward, it feels naturally integrated into your daily routine, removing any barriers to productivity. I wanted to share this powerful tool with others, hence the creation of the planner. It’s designed to offer the same sense of direction and hope that I found during my most challenging moments.

Q. What makes this planner unique?

A. What sets this planner apart is its blend of practicality and inspiration. Each page is thoughtfully designed by Olabanji Stephen, turning it into a visual and emotional journey rather than just a scheduling tool. The planner includes quotes, which are not just motivational sayings but life-tested insights. It’s structured to encourage users to not only plan their day-to-day tasks but also to reflect on their personal growth and mental resilience. This holistic approach makes it more than a planner; it’s a guide for living a more organized, purposeful, and positive life.

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Q. What advice would you give to someone purchasing this planner?

A. To anyone purchasing this planner, I’d say: Use it not just to organize your tasks but to reflect on your daily journey. Write down your thoughts, your challenges, and your victories. Let the quotes inspire you, but also find your own voice and wisdom as you navigate through your days. Remember, resilience is built day by day, and this planner is a tool to help you cultivate that strength.

Q. Where can someone purchase this planner? Do you plan to create other installments?

A. The planner is available for purchase on our official website,, as well as on Amazon. We’re currently in discussions with select online and physical bookstores to make sure it’s more accessible. Regarding future installments, we are certainly doing so. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, and we see a lot of potential in expanding this concept to cover more aspects of resilience and personal growth.


Olabanji Stephen, Creative Visual Director, Lozafina
Olabanji Stephen, Creative Visual Director, Lozafina

Olabanji Stephen

Lozafina Creative Visual Director

Q. How would you describe this planner’s “vibe.”

A. I would call it a daily achievement companion. Something to keep you unstuck and focused. It’s easy to cart and use.

Q. At first glance, the planner looks fairly minimalist in design. Was that intentional and why or why not?

A. Yes it’s intentional. Planning should not be a chore in itself. The idea of planning is to solve ‘chores,’ help achieve our goals and make our lives easier. If the work of planning itself is a chore, then, it makes everything worse, not better. So we kept it minimal, fun, and easy so it’s enabling rather than crippling.

Q. What do you hope users will get out of this planner?

A. We hope that this tool primes people for success no matter how small or big their goals are. We want people to move from inconsistent or total inaction to consistent, joyful, unburdened, and fulfilled. The three components of this tool are exactly what they need to do that. Get firepower from the inspiration. Declutter and keep positive mental health with the journal. Get unstuck and crush your goals with the planner.