Season of Gratitude and beyond …

Dear Readers,

As we begin the 2022 holiday season, I look back over this past year with gratitude. There have certainly been challenges for our small and local businesses, but there has also been a generosity of spirit that makes me proud to do business here and call this community my home. 

In each issue of Midlands Business Journal you will find unique, local business news and events. This issue is no different. 

Our cover story: I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Omaha Gratitude Summit executive breakfast session on October 26. The visionary for this event was Janyne Peek Emsick. As you will read on the pages ahead, Janyne had a vision of bringing together community leaders, local business executives and their team members for a day-long summit on gratitude. Before she could get the momentum required, the pandemic hit and her plans were put on hold indefinitely. But Janyne is one lady who will forge ahead and bring a vision to fruition when the time is right.

I left the breakfast with a much better understanding of how a daily practice of gratitude and the science behind it can dramatically impact a workplace, the managers, team members, leaders, vendors and family members of those associated with the company. While listening to featured speakers Dr. Robert A. Emmons from the University of California, Davis, a leading expert on gratitude; and Dr. Jeff Snell, Director of Psychology Services at QLI, it all made sense. Leading from a grateful heart and working in an environment with gratitude is a game-changer. There were so many takeaways, and we are excited to share some of those with you from Summit attendees on page 10. 

Gratitude and a generosity of spirit often go hand in hand. It is only fitting that we included our annual Giving Guide & Event Book in this issue. This publication was created back in 2005 to help connect businesses and individuals to area nonprofits. I encourage you to use this guide during the holiday season and throughout 2023. And don’t forget Giving Tuesday on November 29.

I am grateful for our business community that gives back financially, invites employees to volunteer, and provides much-needed resources and services to our nonprofit community and those in need. As we feature stories throughout the year, we would love to hear from you. Tell us about your giving culture, tell us about your company’s philanthropic projects, tell us about a charity fundraiser hosted by your business. We want to know! These stories inspire and create ripple effects across our community. 

All of us at Midlands Business Journal wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

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With gratitude & joy,

Andrea “ANDEE” Hoig