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THE FRANCHISEE: Ecomaids of Greater Omaha




Tell us about the business model of the Franchise? Ecomaids is a residential cleaning company that is eco-friendly, all-natural, and allergen and toxin free. We use a color-coded cleaning system that prevents cross contamination and leaning products certified by Green Seal and EPA Safer Choice. We are fully bonded and insured with a professionally trained staff that is screened and authorized to work in the USA. No independent contractors. We are trusted by thousands of families.

Why did you choose this industry? I chose residential cleaning company because I knew I could teach employees the cleaning process, and I was really impressed with the eco-friendly products. My passion is also engaging with people. This industry provides that opportunity with my team, customers and the community. Also, I wanted to build a team and be a woman leader and inspire women.

Why did you choose this franchise? I wanted to be a woman-owned business where I could inspire women. This franchise allows me to manage young women and teach them to not only be cleaners, but also to inspire them to be good people in the community. I have an opportunity to model and teach life skills that they can utilize in both the industry and community. This tiered model allows my techs to be promoted to higher positions.

What was the process of starting your franchise? Blake Martin from FranNet helped us explore options through figuring out our strengths and interests. He helped us identify several franchise options. We chose Ecomaids because we felt it fit our strengths. Once we decided on Ecomaids, we purchased it, went through training and opened for business in March 2023.

What challenges have you faced? Some challenges we face is making sure we stay consistent and efficient each and every day. We are improving daily and learning new techniques to help us. I also had to be okay with firing toxic employees quickly. I want a positive culture and will not have drama or negativity in the work environment. One negative employee can bring an entire team down.

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What have been your biggest wins? My biggest wins have been hitting over 100 Five star Google reviews before year one. Also creating a positive culture in the work environment and teaching and modeling positive social and communication skills to my cleaning techs. Growing to 75 recurring customers in less than a year.

How have you grown? As a business we have grown quickly through customer referrals, word of mouth, and positive Google reviews. I now have three teams due to increased business. My team has grown professionally by learning more efficient techniques, building relationships with customers, and gaining confidence in the cleaning process. As an owner, I have grown in my leadership in the community and getting involved.

What does the future hold? Opportunities for the future are bright. We are just nearing year one, we are becoming more and more recognized in the community as a good and reliable company that delivers great service. As a business owner, I have been engaging with other community leaders through chamber events, women events, and social events. Continuing to grow as a leader in the community and build relationships is key.

Residential Cleaning Company 
Year franchise opened:
Number of employees: 6 full time


What are the Benefits of Buying a Franchise?

Business ownership through franchising has proven to be an advantageous way for career-minded individuals to establish an entrepreneurial lifestyle. As a means of taking control over one’s destiny and income-generating ability, franchise ownership includes the following benefits:

Proven business models: Franchisees are given a proven business model to follow. Refined over time, the benefit of adhering to established systems and processes greatly reduces the risk of failure.

Training: Because franchisors provide their franchisees with comprehensive training, no prior experience is necessary to own and operate the business model.

Support: One of the best aspects of franchise ownership comes in the close-knit, ongoing support provided by the franchisor.

Exclusive territories: Franchise owners are granted exclusive territorial rights to operate in a specific area, reducing direct competition and protecting the owner’s target market of opportunity.

Scalability: Franchise owners benefit from economies of scale when it comes to inventory, purchasing, operations, and even marketing and promotions – exposing franchisees to resources and services at a much lower cost than independent business owners.

Funding: Because many franchise opportunities have a proven track record of success, banks and other lending institutions are typically more willing to provide favorable terms on finance and funding options.

Peer network: Additional support for franchise owners also extends to the network of existing franchisees in the system, where the group’s collective advice, insight, and experience are applied to ensure collaborative success for the brand.

ROI: Individuals who buy a franchise are investing in an asset, which they in turn are responsible for increasing in value. Once the agreement term expires, franchisees have the option to renew or sell their business – often at a handsome return on investment.

Brand recognition: Most franchises operate under a well-known and established name, which instills trust and reassures consumers.

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