The Future of Ethics: Business Ethics Alliance Intern Sets the Standard

Conversations around ethics and values are not limited to the boardroom. Hiring managers across the country are facing new questions from potential employees around the company’s stance on social issues and ethical practices. Even more, a new generation of leader is being prepared inside of our university systems. An entire generation of future leaders like CJ Braccia, a student at Creighton University’s Heider College of Business and intern at the Business Ethics Alliance is on the horizon.

Q: Where does your interest in ethics come from?
A: Growing up my parents pushed me and my siblings to always be truthful and do what is right. I truly feel most of ethics comes from just doing what is right and doing good for others. My parents made it clear that I would always be okay if I made the ethical choice.

Q: Why should others care about ethics?
A: From a professional perspective, your business will certainly be more successful when you lead with ethics.

Just as important however, you will be more fulfilled in your personal life when you begin putting ethics in the forefront of everything you do. I believe everyone has a duty to care about ethics. At its core, ethics is about caring for the greater good. We’re all on this earth together, so I believe it’s imperative that we care for one another.

Q: What role will ethics play in your job search?
A: Ethics will be at the center of my job search process. I think that if I chose to work for a company with an unethical culture, I wouldn’t be content with myself as a person. Additionally, I believe that ethics plays into all other facets of the company; from the bottom line to employee satisfaction, ethics is integral. I actively look for companies that have exceeded the ethical standard, rather than just met.

Q: What have you learned through your partnership with the Business Ethics Alliance?
A: The Business Ethics Alliance has been the single most formative part of my college experience. They have furthered my knowledge about the importance of ethics. They have opened my eyes to the ethical culture that the Omaha business community fosters. The Alliance has also taught me how to instill an ethical culture at a company. They’ve made me even more aware of the importance of interpersonal relationships in an ethical workplace.

The Business Ethics Alliance taught me that an exceptionally ethical organization should not be the exception, rather the norm.

Braccia is a Scott Scholar at the Heider College of Business and is stepping into a leadership role with the Alliance as he helps bring to life their Ethical Leader Program (ELP).

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The ELP will bring together students from Creighton University, University of Nebraska Omaha, and Bellevue University for a four-year program aimed at developing ethical leaders. In the program’s first year, students will partner with CEOs who have faced an ethical dilemma and practice ethical decision making to find their own path to resolution.

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