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Thompson Rogers

Partnership For Kids announces the appointment of Thompson Rogers

Omaha, [Date] – Partnership For Kids, a leading local youth development mentoring organization, is pleased to announce the appointment of Thompson Rogers as the new Chairman of the Board. With his extensive experience and unwavering commitment to empowering young minds, Rogers is poised to lead the organization to new heights.

Rogers brings a wealth of expertise to his new role. As the Chairman of Affiliated Companies, an investment management company, he has demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills and strategic thinking. Throughout his distinguished career, Rogers has also served on numerous company boards and chaired several Not-for-Profit boards, making him a trusted voice in the community.

In addition to his role as Chairman of the Board, Rogers is an active volunteer with Partnership For Kids. He serves as a Goal Buddy, providing invaluable goal setting and mentoring to elementary students and contributes his business expertise as a member of the Middle School Shark Tank panel, which teaches business skills, public speaking, marketing, and budgeting. Rogers is deeply committed to the mission of P4K and is dedicated to helping P4K’s youth thrive.

Partnership 4 Kids, founded in Omaha 34 years ago, has been at the forefront of youth development and mentoring. Through their comprehensive programs, they have helped hundreds of students achieve academic success and pursue higher education. Their student graduation rate is an impressive 92% and 83% of their high school seniors enroll in post-secondary education.

“We are thrilled to have Thompson Rogers as our new Chairman of the Board,” said Deb Denbeck, P4K President, and CEO, “His passion for our mission, combined with his remarkable leadership skills, will undoubtedly drive our organization forward as we continue to transform the lives of young people in our community.”

For more information about Partnership 4 Kids please contact Cheryl Murray Kerst at 402-930-3082.

About Partnership For Kids:

Partnership For Kids is a local youth mentoring organization founded in Omaha 34 years ago. Their mission is to inspire and empower underserved students to build successful futures. Through their comprehensive programs, they provide academic support, mentoring, and access to enriching opportunities that equip students with the skills needed for lifelong success.

Partnership For Kids