Women Celebrating Women: Second Annual Global Women’s Forum

Event Organizer: Brianna Peitz, Host / Co-Chairs: Andee Hoig; Alejandra Jimenez/ Creator: Marco Kpeglo LeRoc

Event Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024

Event Location: The Garden Theater, 3125 Oak View Dr. Omaha, Nebraska, 68144.

Number in Attendance: 150

Website for More Information: https://globalwomensforum.com/

Sponsors: Align – Consult, Beautiful Life, Ekeh Law, First Interstate Bank, Lozafina, Meta, Midlands Business Journal, OPPD.

Event Summary:

The Global Women’s Forum brought in a fun and engaging group of 150 attendees and 11 vendors. The event offered a space for camaraderie and enthusiasm with the goal of providing instructive, motivating and empowering programming.

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A highlight of the event was “A Star for Stella” author and journalist Leia Baez’s inspiring keynote address discussing her growth journey through hardship. Empowering speaker Alicia Caldwell, a mental health professional, imparted her wisdom and insights from her new book “A Journey Back to Self.” Additionally, thought leaders contributed to three panels on leadership, financial wellness and self-care.

When asked to sum up the top event takeaways from the event, creator Marco Kpeglo LeRoc listed: valuable networking, empowerment, learning and women celebrating women as its biggest achievements.

Event sponsor Lozafina Marketing and Public Relations recognized these achievements and its commitment to the event.

“In its sophomore year, the Global Women’s Forum might still be finding its feet, but that’s precisely where its charm and potential lie. Lozafina has recognized this potential and is proud to renew our sponsorship for an event of such monumental importance,” said Josefina Loza, founder and CEO of Lozafina Marketing and Public Relations. “Bringing together women from diverse backgrounds, the Forum is a vibrant celebration of personal and professional journeys, offering a platform for voices that inspire, challenge, and lead the way in entrepreneurship, leadership, health, rights, and equity.”

A prominent figure in women’s leadership ICAN President & CEO Aileen Warren participated as a panelist for the second year in a row.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts and hear the other panelists’ thoughts on topics such as leadership, financial wellness and self-care. I was also very impressed with the awesome women I met who were there for a day of development and networking,” Warren said.