Workforce Development & Urban Core: Building a Strong Downtown Omaha to Live and Work

To remain competitive in today’s labor market, many businesses are looking for unique ways to attract and retain their workforce. By offering employee aid through programs like GRoW, CODE and Leadership Omaha, the Greater Omaha Chamber provides workforce development and retention tools to aid Employee Assis, CODE, and Leadership Omaha, the Greater Omaha Chamberport employees in various aspects of their lives, including mental health, personal issues and work-related challenges.

By partnering with the Omaha Chamber, businesses have access to resources and tools that help them effectively implement and enhance their EAP programs. With workforce development still atop the concerns for Omaha business, the answer for filling positions isn’t to seek more applicants.

Businesses of all sizes should evaluate their procedures and identify a potential lack of retention tools. Companies need skilled and motivated employees to thrive and remain competitive.

The Greater Omaha Chamber understands this and has developed programs like the Greater Omaha WorkLab (GrOW), to aid employees who want to maintain their jobs but need to seek assistance EAP may not offer. By utilizing these tools, businesses can attract top talent, enhance employee skills, and create a positive work environment. This, in turn, leads to higher employee satisfaction, improved productivity and increased retention rates. By implementing, or simply offering tools like the chamber’s GRoW, Leadership Omaha or specialized DE&I courses with CODE, businesses can create a supportive and engaging work environment that encourages employee loyalty and reduces turnover.

By partnering with the Greater Omaha Chamber, businesses access an array of workforce development and retention tools that aid their EAP programs. These resources include training programs, workshops, networking events and access to industry experts and mentors. The chamber also provides valuable data and insights to help businesses make informed decisions about their EAP initiatives.

With the support of the Omaha Chamber, businesses strengthen their EAP programs, effectively support their employees and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of the region. They also use data-driven decisions to improve workforce retention. The Greater Omaha Chamber’s commitment to workforce development and retention is commendable. Together, we can build a stronger workforce and drive economic prosperity in Greater Omaha.

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Urban Development

For a city to remain competitive and sustainable, it is crucial to focus on the growth and development of its urban core. By attracting businesses, residents and tourists, the urban core of a city serves as its economic and cultural hub. For Omaha and the surrounding cities, investing in the development of the urban core creates a vibrant and thriving environment that not only supports economic growth but also enhances the quality of life for its residents. The urban core acts as a magnet for businesses, providing them with access to a large customer base and essential resources.

As businesses flock to the urban core, they bring with them job opportunities and revenue, stimulating economic growth in the process. This growth generates tax revenue that can be reinvested into the community, funding infrastructure projects, public services and social programs. Developing the urban core creates a sense of place and community, which is vital for a city’s sustainability.

The Greater Omaha Chamber’s Urban Core plan focuses on 11 projects that would help grow the East Omaha downtown area. How many of those 11 can you name? By concentrating development in the urban core area, Omaha will promote walkability and public transportation use, reducing congestion and pollution while improving the overall health and well-being of residents.

A strong Urban Core plan maximizes existing infrastructure and resources. Concentrating development in the urban core allows cities to utilize existing infrastructure such as roads, utilities and public transportation systems more efficiently. This reduces the need for costly expansions and minimizes negative impacts on the environment. Additionally, by revitalizing older buildings and neighborhoods within the urban core, cities can preserve their historical heritage while also reducing the need for new construction on undeveloped land. Growing the core of a city is essential for sustainability and competitiveness.

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